Fiction Is The Only Truth That Makes Sense: Aarzoo Shrarma

Start of this week we get inKonversation with a writer from the heart of India. Aarzoo Sharma, lives in a small village Chahlan in distt. Ludhiana, Punjab and writes about life in english novels and in punjabi poems. Read the reclusive young author talk about how writing as the safest mode of unleashing his wrath for certain things in life and about books, books & books:

Aarzoo SharmaCongratulations on the stupendous debut Aarzoo. What triggered On A Date With Life?
On A Date With life is the summary of many lives altogether. It is too hard to find out what prompted me to write; a lot of things I would say. Certain experiences had to be put into words, certain emotions had to be expressed before they die an untimely death, certain questions needed answers. Thus, On a date with life is by product of life, I reckon.

Everyone who writes, writes for a reason; and to write a novel needs a very real reason. What’s yours?
Why do I write is as tough a question to answer as why do I live. Well, writng is like oxyzen. I live to write and write to live. I take writing as the safest mode of expressing truth, and On a date with life is synonymous to truth for me. It contains all the realities that I have witnessed, sometimes being an active participant, and at times as mute spectator. I think one’s first book is one’s purest book.

A first published piece credited to one’s name is always such exhilaration. Which one was yours? When did the writing bug bite?
It caught me unaware indeed. Things happen as they are to happen perhaps, and On A Date With Life had to have my name on it. I was never sure that I would succeed in finishing the book.

If writing was archery, you Eklavya; whom would you consider to be your Drona?
Well, that’s a tough ask. I always read my first draft to my mother and she is my mentor in whatever I do and write. But, I am deepy influnced by the work of Paulo Coelho, Walter Isaacson and Khushwant Singh sir.

Tell us about your favorite book.
The list is bit too long. If I mention one, it would be unjustice to others. I cherish reading and there are books that I have read more than once.

Your writing is pretty realistic, is that intentional? What would you term as your natural style of writing?
Fiction is the only truth that makes sense. I wrote what I felt, thus I would not say it was a deliberate effort. It really pleases me when it is termed realistic.

Which was that moment when you shed your self doubts to the extent to be able to write a book for publication?
I was lucky enough to have such people around me who believed in my work more than myself. It was their encouragement that made me approach publishers and it was them who did not let me quit after some rejections and eventually On A date with life came into existence.

A date with lifeWhich authors have influenced you as a writer?
Now, this list is going to be a baffling document. There are greats like Paulo Coelho, Walter Issacson, Khushwant singh sir and Rashmi Bansal who keep on inspiring new authore like me. Apart from them there are many legendry Punjabi authors whom I am greatly influenced by.

If you have to choose a best book, a book you read in 2012, which one would that be?
Well, I would certainly sound boring if I answer this honestly that there are a number of books. The biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, Chankya’s Chant by Ashwini Sanghi and Asura by Anand Neelakantan would be my favorites for the year.

Your words of wisdom for newbie writers.
I would answer it the same as I have been since my first interview. Be yourself, never write a word you do not believe in and add some purpose to your writing, cheers!

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