inKonversation With A (very) Young Love Guru – Anamika Mishra

I have never met Anamika Mishra, so when I got the chance to read her book and interview her, I didn’t have any high expectations. Okay, here is another chick lit. Girl falling in love, heartbreak and all the other ingredients. There wasn’t much to be impresssed about. Right?

Wrong! For a young girl Anamika’s insight into relationships and human emotions made me follow her on social media trying to prick the brains of this young author. [Do I sound like a stalker but I am not one. Trust me. 🙂 ] But then when we met virtually, she was so easy to talk to and I loved her views on relationships, love and heartbreaks. She is way younger than me but in this modern times when one night stands are rampant and live-in relationships are the norm of the day… such insights on emotional aspects of life are heartwarming.

18085366So, What is the Hullabaloo all about? It is about Anushree Sharma, twenty five, uninitiated in the matters of love, and endlessly confused about her life’s decisions. She is getting married to Vivaan Mathur. But after getting officially engaged she realizes that Vivaan should know about her past which is full of blames on her, series of misunderstandings, betrayal from friends, innocent crushes, stupid decisions etc. She is in dilemma till she finds a way out – a diary. But there is something else written in her fate! How fate turns up out of the blue and how it can change one’s life forever is the story of Too Hard To Handle. A sweet, simple yet an intriguing novel trying to find out what is more important in a relationship – Past, Present or future and what happens when you try to mess with the flow of life.

Here is a quick chat with Anamika Mishra….[ Or should I call it a Konversation between a cynic and an idealist? 🙂 ]

First of all thank you again for this interview. Really appreciate it. Tell us something how Anamika became Anamika the writer?
Trust me, it is indeed a pleasure for me too!! Well, in my case nothing was planned. I am writing blogs, articles, poems & short stories for a long time. But I had planned to join a job after completing my Masters in Journalism and also, I thought of writing a novel in my early 30s , after gaining some experience in life. I joined and left many jobs. I worked for TOI for a month, then for Radio Mirchi, Alfa recruiters, etc. but I wasn’t satisfied from within while working for these organizations. I wasn’t happy. I felt restless. Soon I realized that it’s time now that I should do what I really love and enjoy doing i.e. Writing.
I must say, it is a very satisfactory and happy feeling when you finally realize that now your passion, your love & your career is one & the same thing.

So how did Anushree take birth?
Anushree is within every girl. She is within you and within me too. Every girl faces certain situations of dilemma where she has to seek help from her bestie, but in most of the cases, she gets back-stabbed. A series of misunderstandings, stupid crushes, the feeling of running away from the world, the joy of finding a true love, etc. these things are common in every girl’s life. I have a habit of observing situations. I found Anushree when I realized that these situations are not for a single girl, but it happens to every girl, irrespective of the girl type –  a tomboy or a girly girl.

How much do you relate to your protagonist Anushree? Do you see yourself in her?
Yes! As I said, Anushree is like all the girls in the world. Even I can relate myself with her like, she is determined, sometimes confused, sometimes shy, takes small things too seriously, etc. but the only difference is that she is mad. Mad in the sense, she is over-expressive, attempts stupid things to express her anger and sadness, and looses her patience very easily etc. while on the other hand, I am a very calm and patient person.

7124200How would you describe Love and Marriage? Do you think Love is the route and Marriage the destination or would you rather say Marriage kills the Love in our life?
Love according to me is giving, without asking for something in return. Like, if you really love someone, you will do everything which makes him/her happy, you will care selflessly; you will try to be with that person in all the good and bad times rather than just making promises to gift  stars or the moon; you will understand him/her when he/she fall short of words to express.

Marriage is when two people who are in love decide to be together for the rest of their life, legally. 🙂 Till now I haven’t experienced but I am sure that it’ll be a beautiful feeling from within, when you finally have that hand clutched in yours and you know that it will be there with you forever. Marriage as far as I think, makes love more strong and deep. No doubt love is a route, but marriage is not the destination, rather it’s a very beautiful journey which requires a route called love.

To a cynical, the word love and marriage are not the same. Do you agree? Why or why not?
No, they are not the same. It happens that you fall in love with the one whom you don’t get married; conversely it also happens that you get married to the one you don’t love.
But I feel, that true love should mean marriage. It is sad to see that youth now-a-days take marriage as a burden and an end of their freedom.

How would you describe your novel? An experience or a Destination?
An experience!! While writing Too Hard To Handle, I faced many ups, downs and perilous mood swings. Too Hard To Handle not only changed my identity but also affected my perception towards various things in life.

Idealism is rampant at a young age and as you grow older views change. Do you feel that you will feel the same about your views in this book after 20 years?
Of-course!! To be frank with you, these are actually my changed views. I never use to think in this way earlier. My perception of things like love, marriage and life, 2 years back were completely different from what my current perceptions are and what I have expressed in Too Hard To Handle. I am 102% sure that now my views won’t change as I think now I understand things in a much better way. So yes, I feel that I will feel the same about my views in this book after 20 years.

Would you call yourself a spontaneous writer or detailed writer? How much planning would you put into a manuscript in the initial stage?
I’ll call myself a detailed writer. I like researching on my plot and plan a lot before giving the final picture to the manuscript. I make the first draft in a diary. Then it is written in another diary and finally to the laptop. Once the manuscript is complete, I read it 3-4 times before submitting it to the publishers. I know it is a very time consuming method but I like doing it in this way only.

Tell us how you felt when your publisher gave the green signal? Was it a euphoric moment or did you feel your guts that this will be published?
I remember I was in a shopping mall when my cell phone beeped. It was an e-mail from my publishers. I shouted ‘Oh my god, Yes!!’ at the top of my voice when I read ‘Congratulations Anamika! Your manuscript has been approved for the publication’ though it was quite an embarrassing scenario as everyone was looking at me with raised eyebrows and are-you-mad-kind-of smiles. But I felt like I was on cloud 9. It was indeed a euphoric moment for me.

Your words of wisdom for newbie writers.

Just believe in yourself, be determined and be patient. Dreams do come true; though they may take some time but if you really want them to come true, they will for sure!!

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