Getting to know the creators of the magical worlds of words! Here on the Pensieve . . . . . . .

You read how their creations held our eyes, hearts and minds throughout the word journeys, made us laugh, cry, feel and live through words, painted worlds far off, dead, living and yet to be born in book reviews. inKonversation is an attempt to get to know the mind behind those words, the man (or woman) behind those stories, the soul in those bundles of pulp (or pixels).

Filling The Tales Pensieve with immense joy and honor, these WordMavericks talk about their journeys, dreams and wisdom that only telling stories can give. Go on pull out the wisdom streak, you seek.

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Aarzoo Shrarma: Fiction Is The Only Truth That Makes Sense

Adi inKonversation – WordMaverick of April 2013

Adite Banerjie: Pensiever calling Pensiever

Ajay Kansal inKonversation: WordMaverick of August 2012

Amandeep Sandhu: What Is Important In Fiction Is That It Has Internal Logic

inKonversation With A (very) Young Love Guru – Anamika Mishra

Anees Salim: I Had My Own Share of Adventure With a Literary Agent

Ankita Kapoor: Desi inKonversation from Videsh

Anusha Subramanian inKonversation : Legends of Norse Mythology and A Teen Indian


Betsy Woodman gets inKonversation in what can be called – New England Meets India


Devdutt Pattanaik – inKonversation With Mythologist Par Excellence


Faraaz Kazi : Truly, Madly, Deeply Is part of a New Emerging Segment – Semi Literary Reads


Hemant Kumar inKonversation – WordMaverick of September 2012


Janice Pariat inKonversation – WordMaverick of October 2012

inKonversation With Novelist-On-A-Marathon-Run – Joygopal Poddar

Jugal Mody inKonversation: WordMaverick of November 2012


Krishna Udayasankar : The Aryavarta Chronicles Is An Indian Story, And I’m Proud of That

Kunal Mukherjee inKonversation – WordMaverick December 2012


Mainak Dhar: Writing A Novel Is Like A Marathon, Not A Sprint


Oswald Pereria: Incentivised Conversion Is Still Forced Conversion


Parthajeet Sarma: Never Stop If You Love Writing

P G Bhaskar inKonversation – WordMaverick of February 2013

Piyush Jha inKonversation: Talks about Mumbaistan & mumbaikar

Preeti Shenoy: Life Is Too Short To Not Follow Your Heart

Prem Rao: Alice In My Story Was Perhaps Subconsciously Modeled On David Headley


Ram Prakash & Deepa Pinto – Meet the amalgamators of Photos & Fiction: WordMaverick of January 2013

Ravi Subramanian: I will never plunge full-time into writing

Rohit Gore : Like Guitarists, Painters And Sculptors, You Have To Practice The Craft (of Writing)

Rohit Sharma: My Strange Craziness For Spain Lead To Te Amo


Sami Ahmad Khan: Terrorism & Naxalism are already together in the red corridor

Sarang Mahajan inKonversation – WordMaverick of March 2013

Smita Shetty: Writing Allowed Me To Create My Own Little Fantasy World

Srini Chandra: I’d love to write a spiritual science fiction

Sundari Venkatraman Proves Writing Can Be A Bolt From The Blue 


Never Make Decisions When You’re Angry or Horny, says Lara Bagai from Milan Vohra’s Tick Tock We’re 30

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