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Though we list reviews by others in the database, those reviews are never featured here and the site claims no rights over those. The book reviews featured on The Tales Pensieve are exclusively Reshmy’s and those are few and in-between (and she hopes useful too). She says,

“An eating breathing bookworm, I intend to spend my days hidden behind those pages,with black printed words that possess transportation powers, with just the book cover changing at-least twice a week. I usually read anything that has fiction written on the back cover and if it has a dash of history or mythology in it then nothing beats it, not even hot sizzling chocolate, and in the non-fiction genre everything on history, religion and philosophy may find its way to the collection. Every book that joins my library is reviewed here, sharing the joys and disappointments, ecstasies and despairs of the written word with fellow worms.”

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  1. I usually review books on first-come-first-review basis. The to-be-reviewed list is sometimes long, so if you want a review published in a specific time period, please do specify so while writing to me.
  2. I mostly charge a reading-reviewing fee for my reviews.
  3. We also do author interviews, feature books on this site, host book giveaways and help promote books in different ways, depending on our schedule. Feel free to contact us for these.
  4. And, finally, I still love the smell of ink on pulp – so I accept only hard copies.


a. If I have received a review copy of the book, the source is mentioned in the ‘Reviewed For’ field of the review. I am honest in my reviews, irrespective of the source of the book or the review fee charged and the views expressed in there are only my views as a reader, my crests and troughs in the word journey, my impressions and understandings.

b. Some of the links in the book reviews are “affiliate links.” This means that if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission which is used to maintain this site.

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