About Us

The idea and title of The Tales Pensieve
Stories/ tales irrespective of the genre are fully or partially the author’s memories in some form. As J.K. Rowling taught us the pensieve is a holder of memories, in this case this pensieve holds memories which have taken the form of tales and that is The Tales Pensieve.

We have seen Indian writing’s presence grow exponentially over the past half a decade but found the references scattered. If you are in mood to read an Indian author/ book but have no idea about which one, then there was no way to figure out a choice. The idea behind The Tales Pensieve is to bridge that gap. To be that one point reference for everything that’s book & Indian.

How The Tales Pensieve is different from other online book communities
The most distinctive feature of TTP is its complete focus of Indian books. Be it book reviews, author interviews, reading challenges or books put up for reviews, it is all Indian. It has become this meet-up point for writers of Indian origin and readers of Indian books and hence the tag line – Taking Reads to Readers.

The vision and what to expect in the coming days
The vision is to see it as a one point reference site for knowing and discussing Indian books. What we aim to achieve in the coming days is a more comprehensive database of Indian books complete with ratings etc. helping readers choose better, more Indian books for reviews and we may also soon open up more avenues for book promotions on the site. So it is not just more for readers but for the authors too.

How authors and publishing houses benefit from associating themselves with The Tales Pensieve
There are two things that every author needs to understand about writing if they wish to see their books in the hands of the readers: First that this is a business and at the end of the day it is about the sales figures against your book’s name and second jo dikhta hai vahi bikta hai. With the number of books vying for visibility, which undoubtedly is a direct influence-er in the sales numbers, getting that elusive recollect value is not easy. We review and promote the books through our pages, get other reviewers to review the book, advertise books on our home page, arrange for the book to be on other prominent book sites pages and come up with unique ideas that may work in tandem with the theme of the book in question. So basically The Tales Pensieve plays a part in the dikhta hai (visibility) factor and that exactly is the difference between a successful and a not-so-successful book.

Various platforms of interaction The Tales Pensieve offers
All platforms on the site are aimed at, first getting more about Indian books to readers and second having fun while we do the first! We have a host of platforms aimed at different sets of people associated with us, like:

Debut Indian Writers Challenge (DIWC) – which every month  features one or more debut Indian books and the writer of the best book from this challenge every month is featured as WordMaverick of the Month. After every 6 months, we celebrate the Debut Indian Writers Month where the whole community of book reviewers (associated with us) come together to read Indian debuts and there are link backs, best reviewer award, polls about books, most popular review award etc. We just wrapped up one in May.

Indian Quills Reading Challenge (IQRC) – where the community of book reviewers associated with us link back reviews of Indian books they read and one of them every month becomes the Indian Quills Reading Champion winning a book of their choice. All of their reviews forms the database which helps readers chose better Indian reads.

Giveaways – The only giveaways we encourage, so far, on the site are books and we giveaway books as part of contests to readers and reviewers alike. Readers can win them through DIWC while reviewers through IQRC. Sponsored giveaways by publishers or authors are also hosted on the site which are open to all.

inKonversation – is where we interact with authors about writing, little nuggets of wisdom, publishing and books as a whole. We exclusively interview only Indian authors.

Reviewers Programme is a community venture aimed at getting more visibility to books and more books to readers. Through the programme book reviewers can join our network and when books are put up for review, these reviewers are intimated via emails. They can apply to review the book. Based on their interest and book availability, we choose the reviewers and the books are sent over for review. So books to the readers, reviews for the books. It is a win-win for authors and readers alike.

Promote Your Book – is where we take up promotions of particular books and based on what the author/ publisher picks up from the available promotional options, we form a promotional package and work with them specifically for the book.

Finally, Why The Tales Pensieve.
The Tales Pensieve is not restricted to readers or reviewers or authors or publishers. It has something for everyone. The only requisite to be on the site is love for Indian literature in your heart. If you have it, then https://thetalespensieve.com is the place to be. Believe us, if there ever was an exciting time for Indian books, it is right now. TTP is your shortcut to share the excitement.

See you amidst Tales in The Pensieve!

& now we have a google page rank of #4. Thank you for your love Pensievers ♥