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Book Bloggers are welcome to add your review links to Indian Books & Reviews Database on this site and help us build an online one point reference list of books by Indian authors so that readers only have to select the book, check the review (click on the reviewer’s name) and go buy it or decide against it!

Before adding your links please read these:

1. Only books authored/ co-authored by writers of Indian origin or books based in India or on Indians will be added to the database. If your book does not fit that bill, we regret the inconvenience.

2. The database is to enable readers to pick up a book based on honest & critique reader opinions, hence only blogs/ review website’s links are valid in the Review Link/s field. Pleasedo not add Goodreads/ Amazon/ Flipkart or any such website’s links.

3. We will screen the book for its Indian-ness and the authenticity of the review and the reviewer, before adding it to the database.

4. You can add a book in any language, the only condition being it should have at least one review in English – so that more of us can appreciate & understand the book.

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