Debut Indian Writers Month – Readathon 4

That time of the year when the Swadeshi movement of Indian writing (as we call it on The Pensieve) is back.

The 6 monthly celebration of first time Indian writing is right bang here!

So, Bibliophiles (both book bloggers and non-bloggrs) for the whole month of June 2014, we invite reviews of the first book of a writer of Indian origin. It is fun and you can win too. Nothing like a reading challenge that is a competition too, right?

There will be some method to this exciting madness we will be having the whole month, here you go:


1. Start participating by signing up in the signup linky at the end of this page.

2. Bloggers – When you put up the review on your blog, add the URL (link) of the review here in the Reviews linky at the end of this page.

Non-Bloggers – Use the form (at the end of this page) to submit your reviews.

3. All through the month we will also promote all the participating reviews and other posts though our social media pages.

4. At the end of the month all the reviews will be added to the Indian Books & Reviews Database.


1. Anyone who reviews books is welcome to join the challenge – Bloggers as well as Non-Bloggers

2. The idea is to read as many debut books of Indian writers as you can, so there is no cap on how many reviews you can submit; the minimum is one (1) after that the more the merrier.

3. Over lapping of reviews is allowed i.e if a participant book blogger has already submitted the review of a particular book during June 2014 then other participants can still read & review the same book.

4. All the books reviews submitted should have been read & reviewed in June 2014 only.

*The Best Review Prize!

To the best written review of this challenge.

For you exclusively Read, Review and Rock. We have on-board 3 avid book lovers and pro reviewers who constitute our judging panel for the big prize . Out of all the reviews submitted on this page for this challenge (by bloggers as well as non-bloggers), we will pick 10 best reviews and the 3 judges will pick the best review off the 10. Our ever gracious sponsors will make it all the more special for the winner reviewer by the prize – A Books Hamper.


in-Public Demand Prize!

To the most promoted review.

Of all the participating reviews, the review with the highest Facebook Likes, Tweets, shares etc. on the review page will win a fabulously written book.

manhattan-mango-400x400-imaduu5gqxpm4yczThe New Talent Envoy Prize!

To the reviewer/ reader with highest number of book reviews of books from a single publisher.

So, whichever blogger/ reader points the world towards the publisher who has been giving the new Indian talents that much needed break wins this one.

lethal-spice-400x400-imadvz2gmw747qgfSuperSonic Reader of the Month!

To the most enthusiastic participating book blogger/ reader.

Simply put the reviewer with the highest number of book reviews against their name in the table below bags this one – a special prize for your reading table from The Pensieve.

chronicle-of-a-corpse-bearer-400x400-imadum5ugzadhaw6Go on, push the pedal. R.E.A.D.

Books Hamper DIWM

Need we say more. Read more, Review more and Rock all the more!
With this we declare this challenge open from June 5, 2014 


The Best Prize ReviewLeo for his review of The Expressionist

in-Public Demand PrizeLeo for 43 FB likes on his review of The Expressionist

New Talent EnvoyKalyan for 2 books from Srishti Publishers, Leadstart Publishers & Amaryllis

SuperSonic Reader of the MonthKalyan for 8 book reviews