Opt for Multiple Reviews

We run a Reviewers Programme wherein we have a community of book reviewers associated with us.

If you have landed here, you don’t have to go anywhere else looking for Indian Book Bloggers!

– We will put up your book for review.

– Based on the interest of reviewers & the number of copies available, we will select the reviewers.

– We will mail you the shipping details.

– You are expected to ship out the books to the winners.

– We will send across the review links when they come in

We believe in honest reviews as a team and encourage unbiased reviews from reviewers associated with us as well. So we cannot guarantee positive reviews for your book but definitely good reviews, because we handpick our reviewers for each book on our reviewers programme.

Along with this the reviewers are also requested to post mini reviews on Goodreads.com, Flipkart.com & Amazon.in – these are where readers go looking for an opinion about books.

Fill in details of the book & your book will be up for review:

Host Reviewers Programme