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A weekly look at the new releases list on Amazon, Flipkart, Landmark or any online bookstore is enough to tell you how many books release every week and how many are lost in the every increasing released books slush pile; the story of your neighborhood bookstore is no different.

We are book lovers at The Tales Pensieve and it breaks our heart to see any book go down without creating an impact, without finding its readers because we believe every book has a tale that has yet not been narrated in the way it does. But with the ever increasing number of new book releases only the highlighted stay lighted and we going by our mission of – taking reads to readers – have decided to help authors/ publishers/ literary agents create that highlight, that buzz.

Get our range of publicity options for your book.
Freedom to choose all or any of the options. Form your own promotional bundle.
Freedom to choose the duration of promotions.
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It will be a pleasure to play a role in your tale’s journey. We are also open to brain storming with you on creating unique add ons around the theme of your book.

As you can guess with The Tales Pensieve the only thing holding your book is your imagination! We join hands just to expand that horizon.

We run both pre-release as well as in print book promotions.

We will be super excited to have you on board! Fill up the form to get publicity options available for your book & your personalized quote:

Promote Your Book