Book Review: Supertraits of Superstars


Bollywood junkie meets bollywood inspiration!

That is what Priyanka Sinha Jha‘s debut book Supertraits of Superstars did to me. That I am a huge bollywood fan is no secret, in my close circles, and nor is the fact that I have often gotten into twitter spats and been on the defensive side on many occasions when ever movie stars have been the butt of jokes for no apparent reason. I have always had a single point take on this: If they are where we aren’t, they have something that we yet don’t. This book is in a sense a validation of my that point. And I am glad Priyanka took the pains to prove me and many like me correct. 🙂

Supertraits of Superstars is a compilation of the journey of 11 superstars of Hindi cinema and that one trait in each of them which is unique to their personality. That trait which is their USP. The trait that makes them stand out!

Right from Amitabh Bachchan’s Discipline, Vidya Balan’s Reinvention, Katrina Kaif’s Perseverance, to Hrithik Roshan’s ability to overcome every Achilles Heel out there or Salman Khan’s Generosity – Priyanka covers the super 11 and the super in them based on her interactions with them over the years and their public presence. She not just takes us though their journeys of success and struggles; she puts it out in a manner which are lessons of life without making them read like moral science chapters. And the best part is her 4-point summing up of the crux we take from each of these super 11.

Supertraits of Superstars is undoubtedly a 200 pager crash course on some proven life lessons, instant inspiration and tips to alter life positively.

Though on the flip side an author’s writing style doesn’t really come out in a book of this genre; the book showcases Priyanka more as a commentator between the reader and the lives of these artists than anything else. Though she does make it a very interesting read in her limited role. I would love to see her write more as a complete author in the days to come.

If you can look at celebrities not as plain lucky people but as people with talent and more importantly a will to beat life’s challenges then Supertraits of Superstars is the book for you this coming weekend. It is quick. easy. And inspiration.

Title: Supertraits of Superstars
Publisher/ Imprint: Rupa Publications
Pages: 200
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Non-Fiction/ Self Help
Rating: 4.00 of 5
Reviewed for: Author/ Publisher

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