Book Review: Losing My Religion

losing my religionLosing my  Religion is  a roller-coaster ride — that of exhilaration and dismay, hope and despair, enthusiasm and disappointment. It says the story of life itself. How  an individual faces the ups and downs of life and emerges a winner!  An oft-told  story, you would say. Perhaps, but not in the way in which it is  narrated…there is an inspiring vitality and undaunted courage in the way  the protagonist Rishi faces his failures and yet rises from the ashes like a phoenix.

Rishi Rai is a successful gamer and entrepreneur whose carefully  constructed idyllic life seems to go topsy turvy when somewhere something goes wrong. A chance meeting with the strange Alex, a drug addict and a womaniser, somehow  changes the course of his life when he decides  to follow his heart. Both men decide to explore Malana valley in the Himalayas where they unbelievably strike gold. They flee to the western coast and open a shack on the beautiful Om beach. There he meets Kyra—the beautiful  expert gamer and while competing with her Rishi finds himself getting terribly attracted to her. They go through a passionate love affair  when he discovers some startling facts about her and these change the course of the story. How Rishi deals with these challenges and how he emerges victorious in the end is what makes the novel come alive.

This is a book written directly from the heart.

The writer has told us a story gripping enough to make us go through it as ardently as the novelist would have wished us to.  A good read , there is never a dull moment. The characters are straight out of life – the enthusiastic and at times depressed – Rishi who leads the show, the lazy and irresponsible hippie yet a loyal friend – Alex, the vivacious Kyra who appears to be a Hollywood heroine, Wolf and Vanguard – the millionare businessmen from USA  or even the simple shack owner Raju  Bhatt  – are etched in our consciousness.

Losing my Religion is a manual  for every young man struggling to create an identity in this mad world of ruthless competition and backdoor dealings. The novelist Vishwas Mudagal admits he wrote this  so that I could live that life and that freedom… through  his central character Rishi Rai. It deals with an issue which many young people are facing today – a burn out – and suggests some refreshing alternatives. On the whole, it is a complete package mixed with suspense, excitement, adventure, romance and enthusiasm; and keeps us engrossed!

A  heady fare coming from a first time author, Losing my religion says it all .

Title: Losing My Religion
Author: Vishwas Mudagal
Publisher/ Imprint: 
Pages: 350
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 4.25 of 5
Reviewed for: Publisher

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