Book Review: The Full Moon Bride

The Full Moon Bride

Author Shobhan Bantwal, summarizes in this book what so many Indian American youngsters go through, especially when it comes to striking a balance between the freedom they have, and the need to follow tradition. The Full Moon Bride is a fun-filled, pacy read about Siya Giri, who is a virgin hitting the big three-oh, and her experience with the Indian arranged-marriage setup.

Siya is a smart, young lawyer who is good at what she does. Born to affluent Telugu parents and raised in America, she has led a protected life. Like a lot of girls, Siya assumes that her dark complexion and her sturdy build makes her unattractive, and has never come around to the idea that this may be a totally skewed notion. While her parents have tried to find a match for her through the traditional Indian arranged marriage route, and haven’t succeeded, Siya has never been too thrilled at the idea. Until now, when she realizes that she wants that happy home with a loving husband and cute kids, and all the happiness that a stable marriage brings with it. Enter Rajesh Roger Vadepalli, who breezes into her life like a breath of fresh air when their parents try to arrange their match. But despite the instant attraction, his delicious charm and easygoing nature, Siya is still uneasy about taking things forward with Roger. And the fact that he is just starting a career in show business – Siya isn’t sure if he is the real deal.

Add to this mix, Lou Draper a lawyer Siya meets through work, and a mutual attraction spices up the drama. Siya has to choose between Lou and Roger.

While she feels connected to Lou through work, and finds the older man more mature, there is always something pulling her to Roger. The choice she makes will define whether she will have all that she has been dreaming about. It is up to Siya to let go of her insecurities and open her heart and mind to the prospect of being completely engulfed by love for someone.

The story flows easily, and the setting is something that any young Indian will relate to. The characters of Siya’s parents and her grandmother are very real, and well fleshed out. However, towards the middle of the book, things seemed predictable, and a little stretched out.

All in all, a good lazy Sunday afternoon read.

Title: The Full Moon Bride
Author: Shobhan Bantwal
Publisher/ Imprint: Fingerprint! Publishing
Pages: 310
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 3.00 of 5
Reviewed for: Publisher

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