Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister


Tabrik C’s Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister explores how the twists and turns of fate can play havoc with the life of a man. He is compelled to move between different parts of the world …right from the portals of Harvard to the adventurous city of Mumbai to the political labyrinths of New Delhi. Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is a fascinating tale of the journey of life. Siddhartha Tagore’s life from Harvard to 7 Race Course Road.

The first chapter unfolds in Delhi and creates an air of political intrigue. Siddhartha Tagore is to be crowned the Prime Minister of India. In between meetings with the President discussing important issues of nuclear attacks and urgent political decisions,  Siddhartha’s mind goes back to the past which as we slowly discover holds many dark secrets. We come to know of Gregory, his roommate in Harvard where he had been a student of music and his love for Rubaya or Ruby. We also sense a growing attraction from Karishma, Ruby’s twin sister for him. We learn of the complex personality of Siddharth and his musical genius who could act like the devil incarnate. At times it becomes difficult to fathom who is the real Siddhartha…the ardent lover, the cold blooded politician, the devilish rogue, the musical wonder or his homosexual leanings? Rukmini adds color to the political saga with her ambitious maneouvres and Kabir – the son of Karishma and Siddhartha the right amount of mystery. The novel ends with a surprise – a cathartic ending.

The story is related in first person at times and is sometimes presented back and forth in time as it traverses the space between Delhi, Mumbai and Harvard, USA. The characters are often rather unreal yet, strangely they are real enough to hold our attention. The plot is fascinatingly twisted; strong characters secretly nursing base human weaknesses – the masks behind which lies dark and sinister designs. Nothing seems to be as it appears.

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister makes for very interesting read though at times one wishes there could be some lighter moments too! A brilliant novel which explores the secret crevices of the human mind with fervour at times unnerving. The relationship between Karisma and Siddhartha could have been further elaborated in the course of the story. Gregory’s transformation from a would–be-priest to a blood-thirsty villain could have been more gradual. But perhaps the novelist’s intention was to shock the reader and he has succeeded. All in all, Tabrick C’s novel is refreshingly different and thoroughly engrossing.

Title: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister
Author: Tabrick C
Publisher/ ImprintHachette India
Pages: 519
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/Drama
Rating: 4.00 of 5
Reviewed for: Publisher

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