Book Review: Resonance


Indian publishing is at a very interesting turn now. We currently have a hoard of writers writing in different genres. I don’t claim that all of them are readable but there are definitely some gems that don’t see the limelight much but are gems nevertheless. As a reviewer who gets review copies from most of the known publishing houses in the country, I have been overwhelmed by the flow that keeps dropping in my mailbox. But ever since I started reading on the Kindle App I have to admit I have been reading more. And this has given me a chance to explore beyond what the publishers and marketing savvy writers point out to me. And I was right. There are many gems out there that never popped up on or in my blog’s inbox but are gems nevertheless. For the pure joy of reading I have taken up the mission to read Indian writers I haven’t read so far and review them here along with the review copies that come my way – and I am calling it TTP PICKS…and here comes one from TTP Picks 🙂

Resonance by Ajay is a complex tale of gadgets, deceits, meticulous planning’s, secret meetings and a revision of physics lessons for us readers. It takes the readers though the minds of passionate Jihadists who are determined to split India into two just the way they believe India split Pakistan into two and created Bangladesh; as well as through the minds and workings of traitors who bow to only one god – money!

A plan to blow up one of the biggest dams in the country is hatched and the perpetrators are fully prepared with explosives, submarines, divers et al. There is nothing they have left to chance. Their plan is based on the intrinsic behavior of a large water body in harmonic motion and each mathematical calculation has been made to make sure that the dam explodes. The date too is fixed such that it causes maximum loss to human lives. The destruction unleashed by messing up with the forces of nature would be possibly equivalent to the ones described in the bible or more.

Resonance is a thriller in the perfect sense. It is well researched, has a tight plot that answers all questions leaving no loopholes, has a natural flow to its narration, has well developed central characters that will leave the readers reacting to them and has a cracker of a climax. As the time nears for the dam to explode in the narration it is our heartbeats that are exploding in anticipation. And the twists don’t stop coming in this one. Just once the narration faltered towards the end when a certain chapter seemed rushed up. And coming from Westland Books I am disappointed with the cover. This book deserved a better one.

I don’t think Resonance was a much-promoted book but it definitely is one that should have been. This one deserves to be read. Un-Put-Down-Able!

Title: Resonance
Author: Ajay
Publisher/ Imprint: Westland Books
Pages: 368
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Thriller
Rating: 4.50 of 5
Reviewed for: Personal Copy

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