Book Review: When The Heavens Smiled


When The Heavens Smiled is a heart-stopping mystical tale of love by Ritesh Arora which talks about love surpassing all odds and winning.

As a reader I read novels as they are, sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes confusing. But as a reviewer I can only say to the publishers that the stories being published in recent times are not maintaining the basic requirement of sharp witted, well narrated and excellently edited stories. It is the debut of any author that really challenges my patience as a reader but I read it with an expectation that they would learn the art of writing very soon.

“The trio of Raja, Ankur and I would become important characters in playing the dice with the script of destiny of an important person whom I will introduce shortly.”

“Her halo white teeth reminded me that the toothpaste is my house was finished”

“Someone has said it right, all first love letters are written with the eyes”

Initially I read about Sarthak Arora, an Electrical Engineer appearing for a job interview through campus placement in a detailed account in the first chapter. He gets a job in NetCon Consultant and moves to Kolkata to work and build his career. He spends his time with his friends and one fine night meets Sarangi and falls in love in immediately.

Through out the novel the elongated and detailed narrative of the story is a put off. The story lacks the gripping factor which really holds the attention of a reader. As a fan of love stories I was a bit disappointed from this mystical tale. The author could have invested a little more time to shape the plot structure. The characters also failed to touch me, I didn’t fall in love with them or their love story, and it really lacked depth.

To add to my woe the story had a predictable ending where death hangs heavy on the lovers and heavens decide their destiny. As a love story fan I feel numbed when this genre is being played upon like this. However in the later part of the novel when they are fighting death some parts are still readable. I wish the mystical part could have been woven well.

Since it is the author’s first novel, it may happen that he wasn’t aware of certain tricks in writing which make the story edgy and beautiful. It is at this point where the publishers come in handy. The editors guide the author about various points making it sharp and heart warming.

In recent times publishers and authors, too, in their haste to publish and get published forget that the story which connects the readers to the book is being compromised. I wish they stop doing this because as a reader I feel very bad when I read a book and not a heart warming story. As a book lover I am heart broken to see a story going wrong in all directions because as a writer I know how much effort and love goes in penning a story down.

I wish Ritesh Arora pens his next novel not in haste but in great zeal and enthusiasm thus giving us a great love story.

Title : When The Heavens Smiled
Author :
Publisher : 
Pages : 168
Genre : Fiction/ Romance
Rating : 2.50 of 5
Reviewed for : Publisher

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