10 Life Hacks For Writers

10 Life Hacks for Writers


Writing in serious business! Ofcourse, you know it…but why so serious serious 🙂 We writers are entitled to some fun as we go about our business, right?

Here are some that will help us write and have fun too. Heard about baking the cake and eating it too 😉 :




1. Buy a portable charger

Writers have this inexplicable need for looking up everything. Right from a list of undetectable poisons to exotic locations in the world that no one might have heard of. In fact, writers can research that unmarked place on the map so well, they can probably write a 10 page essay on the history of this tiny dot. Since this is the age of smart phones and we no longer need to, or can wait till we reach our computers back home, we use our mobile data a lot. And that is directly proportional to how fast the battery life is drained from your phone. Even if you carry your charger around, it’s a lot of trouble always looking for places to hook your phone into. Simple solution: buy a portable charger and never delay your research again!

2. Invest in small notebooks and cheap pens

I highly recommend finding a size of notebook that would easily fit into your purse, even you go out on Friday night. Face it, even if we are going to grace parties with our presence, our minds will keep observing every little detail to see if it inspires any new ideas for stories or poems. And, I believe in keep pens in every single bag that you own. One never knows when they might need a pen. Also, when struck by a new idea it’s comforting to know that you have a pen at your disposal. Can you imagine being in the middle of a conversation with a very cute and very interesting guy at a party and screaming, “Excuse me! But does anyone here have a pen?”

3. Start a blog

It is important to get into the habit of writing every day. One of the best ways to do so, is to start a blog. Sometimes readers want to read more of your work and a blog is a perfect place for them. I had originally underestimated the power of blogging. But there is something liberating about writing a really good post and hitting the publish button! (Also, it keeps you connected to your writerly side.)

4. Take a walk everyday

Have you ever heard a doctor tell you, Go walk yourself out of your bad mood? It is said a walk outside for 10 minutes is supposed to recharge you and whoever said that, couldn’t have been more right. During my brief stint of working from home, I found myself becoming lazier and irritable, and suffering from serious creative blocks. But now that I travel every day, and manage to sneak in a fifteen minute walk in between, I find myself being happier and bubbling over with fresh ideas for blog posts and stories!

5. Keep a pet. Preferably a cat

If you really, really want to get your work done, consider getting a pet. I prefer cats. Not only because they love minding their own businesses and once in a while does something funny. But because each time I settle down to write, at least one of them settles down opposite my laptop. And since I don’t want to disturb them, as long as they sleep, I work. Or they just settle down right next to me. Same thing. I don’t want to wake them up, and while they nap, I work.

6. Pick up a hobby

Yes, you read. You must be a book nerd. Without the love for books, I don’t understand how one could get into the business of writing fiction. (But maybe that’s just me). You must like watching movies, serials or listening to music. But you should pick up a hobby that isn’t connected to writing. It would be a way to a really good way to unwind and who knows, when you know enough about your craft, you can write characters who love this new hobby!

7. Meet new people

Writers, by nature, are loners. But if you never go out and meet new people, you’ll never be able to write all kinds of characters. (Again, this might just be me) But since I draw inspiration from real life, I realize it is important to meet new people and all kinds of people. So, make a little space and get out of your comfort zone!

8. Make impromptu travel plans

Sometimes, all you need is a little getaway! So go to that list of places you’ve been meaning to go to, pick a place and take off. (Of course, this is if you have an amount saved for impromptu travels. If don’t save this amount, I highly recommend you do! It comes in super handy.)

9. Learn to be in crowds

We writers love our space a little too much and hate it when people shower us with attention. But look, being among a crowd of people is an occupational hazard of being a human being. Instead of making excuses to avoid going to places where more than five people might be present, just power through it. Maybe it will be a good thing to forget about writing, once in awhile. Because even creative people need to hit the pause button at times!

10. Pretend to be someone else

A friend of mine and I can fake accents. Sometimes when we are in places where no one knows us, we pretend to be someone else. It’s funny how you feel like you can get away with saying anything when you’re being someone else! And maybe you’ll end up having an encounter with someone who’d really believe you are who are pretending to be and get a story out of it. (Don’t raise your eye brows reading this. Everyone knows writers are borderline crazy!)