Book Review: Glowing Dark

Glowing Dark

Glowing Dark by D Siva Rama Krishna is an adventure thriller. The story revolves around a hidden treasure in a palace. The story is about a vicious plan plotted by a dear companion of an imperial family to plunder the concealed fortune of a kingdom. While some members of the royal family were killed in the process of plundering the concealed treasure, the conspirator couldn’t get his hands on the fortune. After 10 years or so, some odd circumstances forces four people to chase after the hidden treasure and the murderer of the royal family members.

Will they discover the fortune? What is more, who was this backstabber? Was cash the main purpose behind homicides of illustrious members of the royal family or was there something more sinister?

First things first, let me say that I liked this book. The book is full of action and takes you on an adventurous journey. The story line is interesting and keeps your eyes glued to the pages. I definitely enjoyed the basic story line. There are sufficient turns and unexpected swings to keep a reader speculating. However, a good thriller should have some edge of the seat scenes, which are completely missing in this book. I also felt that a few bits could have been effectively skipped without detracting anything from the story. Some portions in the book are not only slow, but also stop the flow of the story. These portions could have been avoided. Every now and then, you feel that the author is trying to do too many things at the same time. It was as though the author had loads of thoughts for his plot and couldn’t zero them down. And, therefore, he ran with every one of them immediately, which for me spoilt a good story line.

The first chapter of the book has been written brilliantly and sets a stage for the rest of the events. The author should be complemented for such a lovely start of the book. Turning our attention to the characters, I found that they have been sketched well. The readers can easily make a connection with most of them. I particularly liked the characters of Raghu and Kathy. I found the setting and subject material of the book to be both intriguing and interesting. The language in this book is simple and easy to follow. The dialogues too have been constructed well. Conversations between Raghu and Kathy are really fun to read and give a different charm to the book.

By and large, Glowing Dark is an entertaining thriller with some old fashioned suspense.

While it’s not an extraordinary work of writing, I would still recommend this book if you are searching for a enjoyable read. I think, any reader who appreciates a thriller in the vein of Dan Brown and James Rollins will find this book a decent expansion to their library.

Title: Glowing Dark
Author: D Siva Rama Krishna
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Pages: 268
Genre: Fiction/ Thriller
Rating: 3.00 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Publisher

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