Book Review: Love Kills


When I took up the book for reading expecting some run of the mill stuff with perhaps a touch of suspense laced in to a romantic story… just to catch the fancy of the casual reader! ! But let me tell you… I was in for a pleasant surprise. Love Kills is unique.. it is not what you would look for in a typical murder- mystery kind of story.   It is a story of love and lust, deceit and loyalty, human frailty and demonic aggression, passion and obsession… a string of tales related by different kinds of characters which finally emerge into a powerful storyline. Love Kills is fascinatingly real and disturbingly unnatural.

Johnny Will is the name of the central character to whom, as he says in the prologue, being named after a brand of whiskey never bothered him. His freezing cold reaction to his father burning to death drops a hint that he is no normal fifteen year old. He later becomes the  founder of Thy Will– a de-addiction centre for selected people some of whom are the prime suspects of a double murder which rattles the sleepy town of Monele. The story revolves around these as a lot of skeletons roll out of the cupboard.

Mira Kermani, the rich and beautiful fiance of Johnny dies of a lethal dose of morphine. All are under the cloud of suspicion. Though Officer Ray is sure that the murderer is Johnny, there are many reasons to suspect his assistant Sera the efficient secretary who nurses a secret love for Johnny or his half- brother Zac or Aunt Adele, Zac’s mother who is bent upon getting justice for her illegal son or even the deranged patients of Thy Will“. Who is the culprit? The author has woven a complex web of emotions, passion, psychosis and crime which holds the reader breathless till the end…The epilogue is equally interesting.

Love Kills, kills you with the suspense.. just when you think this is the end , we are in for another shock! The author Ishmita Tandon has done a wonderful analysis of human characters and situations and has turned a simple murder mystery into a thriller! I enjoyed reading every bit of it and took more time than usual. The characters are very real and being a woman herself, the writer has read the minds of the female characters accurately. While reading the book I could not help but marvel at the complexities and insecurities of the human mind which could often spell disaster for so many.

Title: Love Kills
Ishmita Tandon
Harper Collins India
Fiction/ Crime Thriller
4.00 of 5.00
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