Book Review: Where Are My Pants?

Book Review: Where Are My Pants?

Honestly speaking, it is the title of the book that caught my attention more than anything that compelled me to agree for the review. Let me tell you, I am not disappointed with my decision to read the book.

Where are my Pants? is a collection of blog posts put together by Nikhil Kumar. Perhaps some of you have visited his blog. I hadn’t. So, after reading the acknowledgement titled ‘an apology to begin with,’ I headed straight to the blog MirrorCracked. Once there, I tracked down the first post that states the purpose of the blog. Clearly, Nikhil had started his blog with the intention of being naughty. He was bored as hell with nothing to do and he thought if he could write some unimportant stuff there, he could vent his boredom. And that’s exactly what he did over the years. What we have in our hands is then the official MirrorCracked book. It contains some of the more colourful posts that were written between 2008 and 2012. There is no central theme to these posts – all of them are randomly written, about random things that randomly exist by themselves. There’s no apparent organization to the chapters.

Everything that I’ve written above is me almost quoting from the book. It means you can dive into the first chapter without having to read the initial few pages. But then I am not stopping you from reading the book cover to cover. It is your choice. In fact the beauty of this book is that you can open any random chapter and enjoy it as a standalone piece. The chapters are short and since they don’t require any context you can easily read it as you wish. As such this book is not just a piece of comic writing, it is also a rant. In a good way, let me add.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I did find myself chuckling at what Nikhil says, how he phrases things, and the irony in some of his statements. Some of the chapters are dripping with sarcasm while the rest will tickle your senses. There is some heavy swearing and an abundance of toilet humor but nothing you can’t handle. But it’s not all shallow. There are some chapters that can be food for thought surely. At least I felt so. Camouflaged within layers of comedy, the author has raised some very serious issues. No more spoilers for now. You need to read it for yourself to enjoy the book.

The writing style is good. The tone is conversational. I’m sure it will provide you with ample entertainment for the duration of your reading just like it did for me. A level of curiosity taps at the shoulder as you progress through the chapters. For example, there are movie reviews or rather deconstructions and then there are guides for dummies. It’s a potpourri of incidents and anecdotes. The book makes for a breezy read.

If you haven’t read the book yet then you’re surely missing out on all the fun and freshness the writer has to offer.

Title: Where are my Pants?
Authors: Nikhil Kumar
Publisher/ Imprint: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 220
Genre: Fiction/ Humor
Rating: 3.00 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Author

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