Book Review: Her Resurrection

Rapes have become the most prevalent topic Her Resurrection

Rapes have become the most prevalent topic to discuss these days. Everyday the newspapers are filled with how girls are raped and gang raped. Few days back I read a story about how a 28 day old baby was raped. Apalled as I was, I got the opportunity to review a book which talks about how a woman resurrects herself after all the atrocities. Not wasting a minute I selected this one.

Born in a village in a modest family Maya has a dream to speak English like Sunil Gavaskar. At a very young age she gets the opportunity to achieve this goal. A turn of events throws her into the flesh trade business. Time and again, life becomes callous, inspite of this Ms.Maya Singh emerges stronger than ever. This is the story of Her Resurrection.

A Special mention to for the brilliant cover page. It depicts that this book means business!! As expected from such a narrative, the main protagonist is shown strong and courageous, but the author wins our heart by the fiercely strong supporting characters – Saadia, Siddharth, Arjun and Maya’s mother, have all been designed well.

The language is pertinent. The usage of words is absolutely impeccable. The description of the rape scenes is sure to leave the readers with goosebumps. Her entire time in the brothel makes your heart ache. And Kudos to Soumyadeep for this!! Being a man, the feelings of a girl have been depicted flawlessly. All the nefarious crimes that Maya faces have been written so well, making this book a page turner. There are so many quotes that I love from the book and that immediately make you pause and think over it. Few of them read as follows:

Getting a job is so hard,getting raped is so easy!

When a man is here having sex with us, you know, somewhere in a city, a girl is saved from being raped.”- Conversation in the Brothel

God never takes anything away from you without having a better plan for you.

Also the author has not shown that Maya doesn’t feel like giving up and continues her fight. Yes she also wants to give up. She also is fatigued by facing these heinous situations. But everytime she fights a great battle with the outside world and her inner self and then she emerges a winner. That is the beauty of Somyadeep’s writing. It makes me remember one of the quotes I had read as a child “Fall 7 times, get up 8!!” And this is something I love about this tale. It makes it more realistic and relatable.

The only hiccups for me were the elongated descriptions and grammatical errors in a few places. Barring this it is a brilliant read!!

Title: Her Resurrection
Author: Soumyadeep Koley
Publisher/ Imprint: Gargi Publishers
Pages: 260
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 4.25 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Personal Copy

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