Book Review: Super Women

one must defeat resistance or fall to the ground

Just as a kite flies against the wind, one must defeat resistance or fall to the ground. This is what entrepreneurship is. Take risk, fly high or be ordinary. We all take risks in our lives. Sometimes we take risk because there is no other option and sometimes because that is our choice. Women are inherently risk takers. You ask how? Well, leaving behind your old life and changing your identity for the sake of building a new life with a total stranger, if that is not a gamble then nothing is. So it is no wonder that women can excel as entrepreneurs too. The book that I am reviewing today is an apt example of this.

Super Women: Inspiring stories of 20 Women Entrepreneurs by Prachi Garg is a compilation of true stories of successful women managers and entrepreneurs who have reached the highest peaks in their respective field of work. These women are all aged between twenty and thirty years. They hail from different backgrounds but what they have in common is a mission to penetrate the fog of uncertainty to discover a successful path to a sustainable business. For them it all began with a dream that just won’t quit.

The book doesn’t offer nuggets of wisdom, it is not preachy is what I mean. Its aim is to inspire because inspiration can come from any place and at any time. Wasn’t this the reason why we were made to write about our idols in our school essays? It’s not a bad thing to aspire to be like somebody big and famous. No, I’m definitely not saying imitation is what we need to pursue. We don’t and in fact we shouldn’t just blindly follow someone. All we need to do is achieve the greatness that our idols/inspirations have attained in our own way. All we need to do is get inspired. And what better way to get inspired than to read the success stories of women who fought against all odd and prejudices to fulfill their dreams?

The 20 women mentioned in this book have proved themselves in varied and diverse business ventures with their passion, determination, creativity and skills. Right from supporting victims of acid attacks (Ria Sharma from the NGO – Make Love Not Scars), to providing free skin care solutions (Dr Surbhi Mahajan from Dermatocare), from online retail of lingerie (Richa Kar from Zivame), handmade bags (Rachana Nagranee from Pitaraa) and fashion accessories (Masoom Minawala from Style Fiesta), to eco-friendly products of everyday utility (Swati Maheshwari and Sunita Jaju from Rustic Art), from pet care products (Rashi Narang from Heads Up for Tails), to quirky merchandise (Sneha Raisoni from Tappu ki Dukaan), from empowering folk artists (Medhavi Gandhi from Happy Hands), to providing clinical assistance to those going through tough times (Richa Singh from D.O.S.T), from image consulting (Geetika Chadha from Imagenie) to house hunting (Pankhuri Shrivastava from Grab House), from arty solutions (Alicia Souza), to innovative marketing and corporate communication (Sneh Sharma from Ittisa, Tina Garg from Pink Lemonade, Vidula Kantikar Kothare from Think Creative Ad Solutions), from creating happy readers (Falak Randerian from My Little Chatterbox) to making religious ceremonies simpler (Saumya Vardhan from Shubh Puja), these young women have taken the path less traveled. They have carved out for themselves unique positions that hitherto no one had tried. And in doing so, they have inspired and empowered so many others like them.

The book gives some detailed insights on the business models of these companies, the innovation they brought about in their field, their vision and goals, the balance between their personal and professional lives, the journey so far and their future plans. It reflects women empowerment and speaks of inspiration and success.

To all those aspiring to touch the pinnacle, this book would serve them as a yardstick. I’d recommend it to all and in fact I am eagerly waiting for the author’s next release about the couples who contribute towards business, build start ups and function together to build their dreams.

Title: Super Women
Publisher/ Imprint:
Pages: 168
Genre/ Sub Genre: Non-Fiction /Anthology
Rating: 3.00 of 5.00
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