Book Review: My Chameleon Soul

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My Chameleon Soul by Sumit G. Sehgal (an international wordsmith with a literary experience spanning eleven years with twenty-nine eBooks in tow) is a contemporary family sage that will definitely touch some of your own heartstrings. There are some moments which you will certainly cherish. And, some of the instances will shake your thinking cap hard and lead you to discover your own chameleon soul.

The story in this book is in three parts and revolves around three main characters – Kiran Malhotra (a woman who is looking for a new start in her life), Samay Malhotra (a man who is seeking out the right direction in his life) and Samira Malhotra (a girl who is searching a new streak of sunlight in her life). Most importantly, the story-line of this book revolves around the different aspects of relationships and other associations that play a very important part in the lives of people. According to this book, one’s relationship with someone else is whatever one envisions it to be. Whether one cherishes somebody or disdains somebody, he/she is correct. In a relationship, people come together and after spending some pre-destined time with each other gradually fade away. However, what they leave behind are recollections or what we call memories and the impact of the same. This impact either may be delicate or forceful. I can go on and on as there are a number of other such aspects that the author has tried to touch upon. In a nutshell, the scheme of this book tries to deal with many ins and outs of what we call relationships.

The author has experimented with the writing style in this book. The book is in the format of a combination of diary writing, narrative prose and poems. The book has a total of 31 poems and honestly I did not like the use of so many poems. There is no doubt that poems can pull readers deeper into the story and create connections with the characters featured in the book but the poems can also easily pull readers out and away from the story. And, this is what has happened in the book. Though some of the poems become an inseparable part of the story-line, some even refuse to blend with the fabric of the fiction and act as a source of distraction.

The language used in the book is clear and comprehensible. The scenes flow smoothly. The author has used simple but powerful words to express his views. The book is a racy read and does not require great investment in terms of time. The plot has been executed in such a way that it keeps the readers engaged throughout the book. The blurb has been written well but the cover could have been better. I also feel that some more attention could have been given to the development of different characters. In a book of such a length as this is, it is important to develop characters with proper care.

Overall, I liked the book. While I wasn’t overly enamored with character development and the use of so many poems in the book, it was a fairly satisfying read.

Title: My Chameleon Soul
Author: Sumit G. Sehgal
Publisher/ Imprint: Alchemy Publishers
Pages: 220
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 3.00 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Publisher

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