Book Review: That Stupid Bug Called Love & Other Stories

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If you have been reading me regularly you possibly, by now, know my love for short stories. Here I am back to yet another short stories collection. Here I go through how each of the 9 stories in this book worked/ didn’t for me:

WEEDS: This one is extremely pale. There is no concrete story.It gives a feel that it is very randomly written. The premise makes for a good story but I just wished work was done on drafting it better.

THE PERFECT PHOTOGRAPH: This story is trying to depict a beautiful heartfelt message but execution fails in this one also. Also the predictability factor was too high in this one.

THE BURNING TORCH OF TRUTH: This narrative has the potential to be developed into a full 250 page novel, alongwith the drama and mystery. Ofcourse to finish it as a short story the author has wrapped it quiet comfortably. My 2nd best short story in the book.

TOTAL ECLIPSE: The author has tried to attempt something different here. Well, it did connect but not to the level I had expected.

A GANGES FULL OF LOVE: A love story with the river Ganges as the backdrop. A good attempt but could have been better in terms of the feel good factor.

VINASHAK THE DESTROYER: This is my pick from all the tales. Apt storyline, strong characters, execution was perfect, and an absolute patriotic feel to the climax. The climax elevates your shoulder with pride.

MANY SILENCES IN MY SOUL: Again an extremely different and peculiar attempt but failed in developing a feel good feeling. The story didn’t connect as deep as it should have considering the premise.

VISWAKARMA FERVOR: A happy story. This story describes the festive fever of Kolkata. This one exudes celebrations and happiness. Still towards the climax you feel something is amiss. You are left gasping for more.

THAT STUPID BUG CALLED LOVE: This being the title story, I had huge expectations from this one. Again a good premise but lacks in execution. It felt very random.

All the short tales have the potential to be built into great stories but the execution lacks in most of them. It lacks that magic that hooks the reader onto the stories. Though kudos to the cover designer, it’s a gorgeous one.

A sure shot miss!!

Title: That Stupid Bug Called Love & Other Stories
Publisher/ Imprint: Self Published
Pages: 38
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Short Stories
Rating: 1.25 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Author

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