Book Review: Dear Kalam Sir

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Once in a while comes along a book that immediately catapults itself into your favourites. Into something that you want to go to when you are in an emotional turmoil. Into that external support that only words can give. Your go-to book. Dear Kalam Sir is that book for me.

Dear Kalam Sir is a very innovative and beautiful coffee table book. The case with the genre of coffee table books, more often than not, is that they are beautiful but mostly don’t have much to offer beyond the beautiful pictures. They often become trophies, tree pulp bundles worth just the showoff. They are more suited to interior design than interior inspiration. But this one proves to be an exception and did I love that.

Dear Kalam Sir was born out of the love and respect the people of the largest democracy in the world have for a scientist-teacher-president who will forever remain – People’s President. Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (APJ Abul Kalam) – The Indian muslim steeped in Hindu culture, the scientist who loved tamil poetry, who read Bhagvad Gita, listened to carnatic devotional music and offered prayers to the Allah five times a day. India’s missile man who wanted to be known not as a scientist, not as a president but as a teacher. This book is a dedication to him by his beloved countrymen spearheaded by LetterFarms – a non-profit organisation founded by Saji Mathew and Jubie John that promotes relationship competency in education and professional development, using the powerful tool of handwritten letters.

LetterFarms to commemorate ABJ Abdul Kalam’s 84th birth anniversary came up with the ground breaking idea of asking the common people of India to offer their handwritten personal tribute to the great man, on a postcard. People from all walks if life participated and this book is a collection of some of the best postcards that India wrote for her blessed son.

tales, Pensieve, Kalam, postcard, handwritten, Messages, Tribute

To say the book is beautiful is an understatement. It not only appeases one’s aesthetic sense but the words on the postcards feeds the soul. Re-visting the words said by the wise and simple man from Tamil Nadu can be the medicine you may just need when your confidence is dwindling or you feel worthless. APJ’s life story is an inspiration to millions and the postcards just prove how much he had touched the very heart of India.

I am keeping the book at my work table as my go-to book for the times when I need to feed my soul, when I need reassurance that my story too can make a difference.

Do yourself a favour, please let Kalam sir’s words touch you. Let his wisdom seep into your soul and what better than pictures to imprint his words onto your mind. After all a picture is worth a hundred words. Definitely recommended.

Title: Dear Kalam Sir
Authors: Saji Mathew, Jubie John
Publisher/ Imprint: Bloomsbury India
Pages: 224
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Non-Fiction/ Tribute
Rating: 5.00 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Publisher

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