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Short Stories are always a delight to read. The author, Namrata is a reader, writer and reviewer herself. This got me excited. Normally short stories have a lot of genres clubbed into one. But in this one, all the 20 stories are love stories. Without even giving it a second thought I picked this one up to review.

Here are my thoughts on all the 20 stories:


I love the title of this story. Infact the entire story has such beautiful usage of words but there are also some editing errors. The story is really good to read. It starts off as a regular one, but then it picks up. A very bold step taken by Ambili (the main protagonist), turns the story into an extra ordinary one. A courageous subject and varied emotions covered in such a short story. Kudos to the author for that.

Labour of Love

I was a little lost reading this one. There is something going on in the beginning after which the main story starts. Though the initial description has a lot of good quotes that sticks by you and instantly touches your heart, I still find no relevance with those and the main story. That was the biggest put off in this one.

Magpie of Memories

A beautiful story. The author has tried to mix 2-3 important subjects together, so it gets a little overwhelming but I liked reading this one. Short story and a happy ending.

Stain of Love

Love portrayed in a very different form. This tale has a hint of humour. Its a very simple story but not ludicrous. The relationship between the two main protagonists is explicitly and emotionally written. I really liked this one.

The Filch

A tale of betrayal in love and friendship. The climax takes the reader by surprise. A heartbreaking story. This one is very well written. The reader doesn’t have any idea how it will end and it sure takes him by surprise. I really enjoyed reading this one.

The Cursed Existence

Another story that just tears your heart away. A lot of authors have written on this but I love the way the author has drafted this one. It takes the reader by surprise. Also the friendship between the two friends has been written impeccably. Absolutely loved this one.

Veil Thy Love

This one takes a while to register. The climax has a certain element of surprise. The author has tried to attempt something new and different. This could have been an interesting one but an ok read.

The Keepsake

This story was wow! A very heartwarming and heart touching story. A very strong message given very subtly. This is the beauty of Reading The Keepsake.

Child is the father of the Man

Again the author is trying to show the reality that we living in. It is written a little confusingly, but nevertheless a good read.

The Plummet

Another splendid read. This one is my favourite. Its such a heart wrenching story. The author has drafted the emotions so well that one can almost feel them instantly and that is my favorite part of this tale.

Love v/s Hate

This one was predictable, still I liked reading this one. A very relevant and social topic has been discussed. Expected climax.

The Darkest Hour

A lovely story with a very strong message. This one has a lot of grammatical errors which is a complete put off, coming from an author who has written such enthralling stories.

Rags & Riches

The story is written in an interesting manner. But I found the climax very inappropriate. Somehow something didn’t match. The confusing thing is the same story is again taken later in another way and I loved reading that one and somehow then the puzzle unraveled.

A Rare Sight

I absolutely loved this one. It is written oh so beautifully. Also the emotions of a father and daughter have been charted impeccabaly. Another favourite from the list.


Some people will agree with the climax and some will not. I have mixed feelings. But I liked reading this one. What I like about the author is the ability to spark interest in reading simple stories. And the author wins your heart with this ability.

A Pinch of Love

Another simple story but written wonderfully. One gets a feel that the author loves giving these social messages in the form of these subtle stories and I enjoy reading such stories.   This one is also very close to my heart from the list.

The Pawn

Here comes the story that was written with a different climax above. But I loved this climax. A very sly climax but very interesting if you see the readers interest. Amazingly intelligent narrative. Though there is a grammatical error in this one, I loved reading The Pawn.

Mou Athena

A very interesting title, but the story is an ok read. Did not really enjoy reading this one.

The Last Kiss

The line that struck a chord with me is “All he craved for was solitude”. There is one grammatical error in this one too but a lovely story and what a definition of love! Common topic but like the way the author has treated this one.

My Last Goodbye

Grammatical error in this one too. But loved reading this one. It touches some chords somewhere.

Most of the stories are a hit with very few are misses. The author has the ability to let out very strong social messages very subtly and this is a quality which very few possess. The one thing that is common in all stories is the way in which the emotions are written. They instantly stike a chord with the reader. It is a must must read for everyone out there for the sheer feel good feeling one gets after reading Metro Diaries 2.

Title: Metro Diaries 2
Author: Namrata
Publisher/ Imprint: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Pages: 141
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Anthology
Rating: 4.25 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Author

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