Multi-Tasking? Try Audio Books

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Audio books haven’t picked up on a large scale in India, it is perhaps because the utility of this medium is not quite well-understood. There is a distinct hesitation amongst people, even voracious readers, regarding audio books – even more than they’ve resisted eBooks, perhaps. I did too. We are so attuned to the fact that a book is ‘read’

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Why Are More Indian Authors Writing Romance Novels?

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There is no denying that romance is the favourite genre amongst Indian authors at present. However, the scenario has started to change, albeit very slowly. While some of the romance novels are runaway success, most fail to make a mark. This is mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the obvious – they are not well-written, well-edited and well-executed stories. Secondly, there

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Book Review: Panorama

A collection of short stories make for interesting reading. I find that it helps when I am stuck in a reading rut, and want to break the shackles. Panorama: A Collection of Short Stories, written by Shilpi Chaklanobis offered such a chance. I had seen the cover of the book earlier, shared by one of my friends on social media,

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Book Review: Doppelgänger

There are some books that, when writing about, leave one kind of wordless. They might be extremely good, hardly giving a need to write about them; or extremely bad, making it impossible to find something to admire. The third kind would be those books that tick the right boxes in the right amount, leaving me mesmerized. A collection of stories,

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Book Review: Crimson Abstracts

The question ‘What is good fiction?’ would bring different responses from different readers. For some, it would be the believability of the story, which is not necessarily over the top or unrealistic. For some, it would be the ability of the story to transport them into a world unlike the one around them; a fantasy land where there’s magic and

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Make Sure Your Child Reads These 10 Wonderful Books

While I got my reading habit from my mother, it was my father who bought me my first sets of books when I was not even two. Yes, they were picture books. Then came the mythological books with pictures, which he who read only technical books, would read out to me. I remember once when I was about 5 or

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How To Handle Negative Reviews: Author-Reviewer Relationship – III

How To Handle Negative Reviews: Author-Reviewer Relationship

From the time you had dreamt of writing a book, to finally writing it and getting it published, you have treated your book only with love. And of course, you’ve wanted that everyone does so. But, when you are sending your baby out in the world, for readers to devour and enjoy it, be prepared that it will also be

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