The World of Bisexuality Is A little Dark & A Little Bright With Love: Bhaavna Arora

A hardcore academician, an ace student and a avid, top ranking scholar. Ex-Director of a business school and MBA in both Human Resources & Marketing along with a Ph.D. in Leadership from Pittsford University, our author in the hot seat, is the bestselling author of two absolutely stunning and unconventional books – The Deliberate Sinner and Mistress of Honour. She also trains students and professionals on leadership.

As she gears up for the release of her third novel – Love Bi The Way, we get inKonversation with Bhaavna Arora. She talks about why she writes what she does, her inspiration to write unconventional stories and what is that message in Love Bi The Way:

Author, Interview, Tales, Pensieve, Bhaavna, Arora, LoveCongratulations on the third book Bhaavna. Quite an interesting blurb, tell us what should we except as we get into Love Bi The Way?

Love Bi The Way is an unconventional love story. I quite enjoyed writing it as I got into the community of different set of people. I would definitely say different as they don’t fit in the stereotypical society. They have a world of their own and don’t want to be disturbed. But it is imperative for humanity to accept all without any prejudices.

A college professor to the college’s Director to a writer? Quite a roller coaster journey, we hear. Tell us about it.

Oh ya! I’m quite versatile that way. At a very young age I did get opportunities to prove my worth and I did it to the best of my abilities. After a little bit of financial independence I thought of venturing into my dream job of writing. I absolutely love it. I use an interdisciplinary approach to my writings as I have studied many subjects. It just sensitizes the whole process of writing. We have just one short life. There is a lot I wish to achieve in this lifetime.

Wow, that a fair bit of achievements and ambitions too. Tell us what keeps you busy apart from spinning stories.

Apart from spinning stories I spin my sports car, ride horses, bikes, swim, play sports, gym, teach kids, sleep and eat. I eat a lot. I love eating.

What was the trigger to write Love Bi The Way?

It was quite an untouched/virgin topic. I just wanted to break that virginity in the commercial space. It’s also exciting and different.

Is there a message you wish to convey through your latest book?

Yes! I want to say that allow love to exist freely without any barriers like caste, religion, nationalities, color, sex. Love shouldn’t be bound by any external force. Love and force, white and yellow alcohol, these are two things that don’t do good to the system when mixed.

Writing has often been described as a journey directed inside. Has that journey been enlightening or devastating so far?

It has been more than enlightening! I have learnt from – the society’s perception of women orgasms and infidelity in The Deliberate Sinner to Army history, various operations by Indian Defence and their lifestyle in Mistress of Honour. I had interviewed almost 200 soldiers for the same. And now Love Bi The Way. One thing I know for sure after writing is that I am bloody straight. (laughs) But it’s a whole different world out there. A little dark and a little bright with Love.

Author, Interview, Tales, Pensieve, Bhaavna, Arora, LoveWhat does Love Bi The Way offer to the reader that they have not been offered by the books in the same genre, before?

All my books have offered something different. You’ll never find anywhere what you’ll find in my books. Whether it is The Deliberate Sinner or Mistress of Honour and now Love Bi The Way. Differentiation and versatility is my USP.  I’ve written things in Love Bi The Way that give me goose bumps. Seriously! It takes a lot of maturity, depth and courage to read my books. They aren’t for the light-hearted.

A good protagonist is one who captures the minds of the readers and generally when you create something that strong you get pulled into the magic maze yourself. How much did your protagonist take you over?

In all my books, my protagonist is Rihana, a strong minded girl who knows exactly what she wants. While writing I often put myself in her shoes and gauge, ‘Had I been in that situation, what would have I done?’ And I get my answers. Yes the protagonist takes over you cause it’s always stronger than you are. In my case too.

Complete fiction vs inspired characterization; which do you indulge in more?

A mix of both works for me. Like in Mistress of Honour, Potnis’ character was a mix of three real time characters.

Your words of wisdom for newbie writers.

“Believe in your story because if you don’t, no one else will.”

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Love Bi The Way was launched at Presidency College, Bangalore today and the book hits online and offline stores tomorrow – 2nd September 2016.

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