Journey to the Roots

In the lucky pick of where to be born, yours truly feels blessed to have fallen under the chit which had India on it. A land that boasts of one of the oldest living civilizations on the earth and let’s live the magic that accompanies that ancientness.

The enigma of this land is a belief here, a ritual there, 33 million gods, a legend behind every place, a myth behind every ritual, a story behind every practice! A lifetime is too short to live it through. As I move through my life in this land where Brahman walked with the brahmin, some reasons behind the madness is looked for, seeked and served on The Pensieve, in the form of retellings, in the form of journey to the roots:

This Ganesha equals Ardhanaareshwara

How ‘this’ virgin ended with a child

Of Serpents, Sacredness and Stories