Book Review: Beaten by Bhagath

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Title: Beaten by Bhagath
Author: S.V. Divvaakar
Publisher: Frog Books/ Leadstart Publishing
ISBN: 978-93-82473-3-9
Pages: 193
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 3.75 of 5
Reviewed for: Author

Beaten by Bhagath

A book for the writers by a writer.

That is what Beaten by Bhagath is. A book that is in the past, present and the future. An inside as well as outside story on publishing a book in India. A directory to everything that authors do and to everything that doesn’t work. A peek into all the crests and tufts of writing a book weaved into the interesting and action packed story of BB becoming or atleast trying to be writer. Actually not just a writer, a better writer than India’s bestselling maverick writer Dr. Ketan Bhagath.

BB, an executive in an international consulting firm writes reports worth thousands of dollars with millions of dollars riding on them. When his sexy boss remarks that his reports are well researched, imaginative and display good writing skills and that he should try his hand at writing fiction, he is exhilarated. Especially when she says that he will definitely be better than ‘that Ketan fellow.’ But Ketan as BB knew him was not Ketan but K-10, his ex-college and hostel roommate. BB’s ego is boosted, morale soaring he sets out to write a book better than the best Indian writer’s book. (That’s one of the many things that a sexy woman can make you do!!)

Our hero begins his journey as a storyteller and thus begun the rollercoaster ride into the Indian publishing industry and into the mind of a writer. Divvaakar takes us deep into the mind and histrionics of a writer right from ignoring his family to being elusive and a responsibility shrinker. He exposes the reader to the real and the fake publishers, their demands, tantrums and another round of histrionics. We realize that finding a publisher is just not enough in this age of Google. The writer has another round of happenings and misshapenings with promoting the book right from managing a guest for the book launch to Facebook likes. We also get insights into the eRetail stores vs. bookstores vs. chain bookstores stocking the book, the distribution maze and the real book-selling story all through BB’s adventures in the Indian publishing industry. The story after this whole roundabout sequence heads into the future with the advent and market capture of eBooks. And with it turns around BB fortunes as a wordsmith culminating into the big finale but quite unlike the one BB or his sexy boss may have imagined.

Divvaakar in his second book brings to all aspiring writers or otherwise some very important tips and lessons in the journey of a book reaching the reader’s hands. And the best thing is that there is no sermon, gyaan or fundas. It is the story of a book through a story. He is racy, witty and taut in his narration. His research is well in place and he is realistic without sounding somber or sarcastic. He tries to make sense of an industry in upheaval all in those 190-odd pages. Recommended for a simple story, a conventional climax but great lessons.

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