Beyond The Photographs Contest

This is a FIRST on The Pensieve!

A personalised goodie and a gift voucher worth Rs. 500/- to be won

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Relive a trip to a World Heritage Site and these could be sitting pretty on your table and in your inbox.

Write a post/ writeup about a visit to a World Heritage Site that left you feeling there is more to this place! Beyond the photographs, beyond what the eyes see – a feeling that the complete story of the place still remains unheard.


1. The contest will start on 08.11.2013 and run through 30.11.2013 till 11:45 p.m

2. The contest is open to all residents in India over the age of 11.

3. Only entries in English will be considered eligible for the contest.

4. Bloggers can post on their blogs and submit the link in the form below; Non-bloggers can submit their entries using the form below

5. Bloggers please use this HTML code at the end of your post –

This post is written as a participating entry for <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><a href=” ” target=”_blank”>Beyond The Photographs Contest</a></span> at <a href=”” target=”_blank”>The Tales Pensieve</a>.

6. The best writeup will receive a gift voucher, redeemable at, worth Rs. 500/- and a personalised mug with the winner’s name declaring him/ her as Best Scribe – Beyond The Photographs Contest.

7. The author of The Himalayan Revelation, Pankaj Misra will judge the entries and his decision will be final and acceptable in full.

8. There is no word limit.

9. Please do not eMail your entries. Only submissions received through the form below will be eligible for the contest.

10. By submitting your writeup/ post link for the contest you hereby agree to all the above stated rules, that govern Beyond The Photographs Contest.

11. You can also encourage others to participate by tweeting with the hashtag, #BTPC

12. If you have any queries concerning the contest, do not hesitate to write to: Please use #BTPC in the subject line.

Pankaj MisraThe Judge: An engineer by education and a technologist by profession, Pankaj Misra is a traveller and explorer at heart. During his two decade active corporate career and his travails into the lap of nature and history he came across many people who left him enriched by some told and some often untold stories. He weaves his pen through these memories collected over the years in his first book The Himalayan Revelation. He lives in the beautiful heritage city of Mysore with his wife Ragini, son Aryaman and pet-son Shinzou.

The Himalayan Revelation is his debut novel.

Go on. The Pensieve awaits your Tales of travel. Fill it up.