Book Review: Jiyo Dil Se


Modelled on self-help/ mentorship books, Jiyo Dil Se is written by Harish M. Bhatia, CEO of 94.3 MyFM, and draws inspirations from his life and professional journey. Picking on the central theme of living your life to your heart’s fill, the book quotes examples liberally from the lives of celebrities to further emphasize on the theme.

One cannot help but think of the positive impact Harish would have had on a series of young professionals in his life, the amount of time and energy he would have given to mentoring his teams, and whole set of individuals exhorting him to put his learnings into a book. The intent, however, maketh not the outcome.

Highly self-referential and preachy, the book draws not from personally experienced moments, but from rather well known publically available views into a celebrity’s life. For instance, Sonam Kapoor and her grace/elegance. The unfolding is so impersonal that it makes no impact on the reader. The tie-ins between the philosophies and the quoted examples are loose and subsequently, make the book odious.

The structure of the book is somewhat chaotic and unorganized. It is rarely humble. But where the book fails to deliver the most is its content. It neither brings empathy nor insight to the reader. There is nothing new that hasn’t been said before and better. The richness of life experiences that you expect from a successful CEO are missing.

The book is mildly autobiographical, mildly self-referential, mildly research based, mildly philosophical and mildly managerial wisdom. It becomes an avoidable not-so-mild mish-mash in the process.

Title: Jiyo Dil Se
Author: Harish M. Bhatia
Publisher: Matrix Publishers
Pages: 110
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 1.00 of 5
Reviewed for: Author

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