Book Review: Innovation – The Einstein Way


Virender Kapoor brings us the life of Einstein, the greatest physicist of all times, with a few lessons for us to derive from the genius’s life.

How did Albert Einstein acquire such a cult status? What was so great about him? And, more importantly, what can we learn from his life? One of the most admired figures from the last century, Albert Einstein’s contributions to science, particularly theoretical physics, are unparalleled. How does Einstein’s achievements translate into our daily lives? And what was he like as a person? In this book, Virender Kapoor analyses every facet of Einstein’s life and personality. He shows how Einstein’s contributions went far beyond the field of science – he was an active supporter of human rights, a generous donor and remarkably detached from material possessions. Einstein also knew how to use his imagination productively, employ communication skills effectively and above all, keep his sense of humour intact. It was these qualities and others that made him the man he was; and understanding and absorbing them would also help others go a long way as well, in any time and at any place. Containing powerful truths in simple, lucid words, Innovation: The Einstein Way is a must-read for everyone, irrespective of their fields of interest, to understand how to utilize their strengths to the fullest.

We know Einstein as a physics genius and are also very well aware of his accomplishments. But Virender Kapoor aims for something deeper – the humble man with wonderful qualities that not many are aware of. I liked how he bases every chapter on one aspect of Einstein’s character and helps us learn from it. It has a lot of his quotes like ““The more I study science, the more I believe in God.” that are truly humbling and earnest. The Washington Post‘s beautiful tribute in a sketch of the universe with the Earth having the label “Albert Einstein lived here” is all that is needed to describe this man.

It may be my mistake, but based on the cover & the title (a serious misnomer, in my opinion) I thought this would be sort-of a memoir on Einstein. Hence, was a little disappointed to find out that it was more of a self-help book. The paragraphs read like a 10th standard English textbook with its formal and distant language, which felt  a little rudimentary to my liking.

This book is for people who enjoy self help books but be wary of the title and do not let it mislead you into thinking that this book is on science.

Title: Innovation – The Einstein Way
Author: Virender Kapoor
Publisher/ Imprint:
Pages: 234
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Non-Fiction/ Self help
Rating: 2.50 of 5
Reviewed for: Publisher

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