Book Review: You Are the Password to My Life

you are the Password

The title of the book should have been my first clue. But then, there was that nagging voice that often rings in your head to not be skeptical and prejudiced about stuff by the looks of it. And now as I have laid the book to rest, I curse that nagging voice for making me pick this one up!

Virat is on his way to a party when he receives a phone call that is life changing. Then comes the flashback reel. The mischievous and (more than) reckless Kavya and the ever cautious and introvert Virat are thick as thieves. And then an incident happens that puts their friendship to test. Despite their differences, they are thick friends and not even Mahek, the love of Virat’s life, can come in the way of that. But like every relationship, their friendship is put to the test when an unforeseen incident hits them. On the other side is Rohan and Riddhima. Rohan, nursing a broken heart is made to see the loving side of Riddhima, who with her unconditional love wants to care for him.

The story or rather the skeleton of it is good. A simple story of friendship that could have been developed beautifully. But the author kills it. The characters are poorly developed, the narration is juvenile and the dialogues are tacky. But, I am willing to accept the possibility that this book is for the Young adults and maybe they might find the language and narration better than I did. Kavya is reckless, yes we get the point. Does she have to be portrayed just as you would expect a typical Bollywood movie director to create a fun loving, impetuous childlike main character? The narration is more like an observation of a layman. The antics of Kavya are plain annoying. I read about so many people who were moved to tears with the story and all I can say is “What??? Am i a Zombie?

To all those people who troll Nicholas Sparks’s stories, wait till you read this one. If you are a fan of Chetan Bhagat’s books (which I am not) then you might like this. Else, just give it a toss.

Title: You Are the Password to My Life
AuthorSudeep Nagarkar
Publisher/ Imprint: Penguin Random House India
Pages: 234
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 2 of 5
Reviewed for: Publisher