Book Review: Just six evenings


From yet another IT employee turned author comes a surprisingly simple and unpretentious novel – Just six evenings.

The novel starts-off with the lead character, Atul Sharma, being arrested by the Haryana police department, for reasons not mentioned and the character thinks about the event that leads to this situation.  Eight years ago, while still starting his career, in Bhopal, Atul meets the smart and pretty Priya on a train, while heading back to Bhopal from home. On further conversation, he finds out that she will be in his city for six days before heading off to Indore and he decides to woo her in that fleeting period of time. But fate has other plans in store, and Atul and Priya are separated by fateful events that make their getting back together, a dream. Years later, Atul and Priya meet once again for six days, while they are both navigating the murky underbelly of the modern corporate world. And this time it’s not just their love at stake, but their careers, and their future as well. What happens next what the story is all about.

After reading a couple of really lame books, I approached this one with a slight wariness. But, this one didn’t disappoint me for a change. The writing is crisp, straight forward and devoid of heavy unwanted words and nor did it have those overly cheesy lines that most Indian romance fiction writers these days, seem to overdose their readers with. There is mild humor throughout like the Bengali family in the train, etc. The story is fast-paced, rather like the ambitious protagonist.

The turn-off with this book was what looks like careless editing – I found a couple of errors – spelling and grammatical, factors that ruin the essence of a good book. The book might seem a little too bollywood-ish at times like Atul and Priya’s first meeting (How many stories start with the main characters meeting in a train!!!). And for someone like me, it was too cliched.

On the whole, this is a quick read for fans of Indian romance (yes, I add a geographical attribute to romance here, because Indian version of romance is just a little different!) but if you are expecting a literary piece this is definitely not it.

Title: Just Six Evenings
Author: Tanmay Dubey
Publisher/ Imprint:
Pages: 224
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 3.00 of 5
Reviewed for: Publisher

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