Book Review: Simple Plane Love


Love, an emotion which forms the core of our existence can be different but the essence remains the same throughout. This evergreen emotion has transcended ages and brought us together to co-exist peacefully. This has been a popular genre among emerging writers to connect with the masses at large. Frankly when it comes to writing romance the narrative has to be griping enough to keep any reader, irrespective of the age group, glued to the book.

As the title Simple Plane Love suggests, any love story is best when it is a simple plain love story.

The radio crackled and a familiar voice said, “Romeo papa Charlie one Niner Niner two….exit ordinary..” On turning the very first page this line brought out Captain Meera Khanna, First Officer of Aeroflot Aviation plane alive. I didn’t care about the preconceived notion regarding love stories, all I wanted was to know this dynamic woman who was flying a plane with such ease and telling her life’s story to me. I am very choosy when it comes to reading romance as it is one of my favorite genres. But something about Meera, the independent challenger in total control, living her passion of flying planes and her independent attitude made me respect this self-made woman.

The world of Meera was different, I was excited with the prospect of knowing – a Pilot’s life and the experiences associated with living such a life. I was curious to know the demanding and hectic life of a First Officer Pilot constantly under pressure managing home and the world which is the basic plot structure of this novel. Her potential to carry on a well balanced life is quite remarkable, she is fun loving, caring, responsible and charming. The best part she does this so well.

Any love story is incomplete without the prospective lover, so Aditya, Meera and Daina’s best friend enters the picture and the story seems to begin from there. What I understood was that in this story ‘plane’ or ‘plain’ was of greater significance. I had this notion that it is going to be like any other love story, it will have drama, suspense, lover’s quarrel and a happy ending or a sad ending, a very common trait of romance. Curious enough I read it hoping that it wasn’t a clichéd romance where I will be crying when it ends but one which will make me believe in this emotion a little more. Though love stories of all things in the world holds a special place in every heart, the craving to solve this mystery of a perfect love story makes us look for those stories which will strengthen the belief in the possibility of love overpowering our destiny against all odds.

Meera’s courage and out spoken ideas makes me wish that she finds love soon. My favorite parts in the story is one where Captain Meera is able to save thousands of lives in a tornado that hits Malani, Daina and Meera’s getaway in Subic and Daina’s grand wedding to a real life prince charming.

Author Priyanka Luthra does get on my list of must reads after this feel good story. I loved this book more for its simplicity; no big time melodrama or crisis like situations but only real life lovers living it. Priyanka’s narrative style is gripping and fresh, she knows what she wants to say and when she wants to say it. The language is engaging and the story is well balanced. The characters are real having their own voice though Captain Meera takes the center stage, Captain Joshua, Nefertiti, Aditya, Ding, Daina and Aryaman have been able to add edge to the story. This novel is a sweet treat to read and devour.

The warmth of friendship, mother-daughter bond and trusty, love’s confusions and complications, life’s uncertainties, fear of the unknown feelings and life in itself echoes in the background from time to time adding flavors in various situations.

What I really wished while I was nearing the end of this story was for Aditya’s strong character could have been highlighted better, some parts I found a little unnecessary and full of emotions. The second half of the book seemed to drag a bit.

“What if a bird falls in love with a fish….

They would meet at the horizon…”

This beautiful line was the only romantic line in the entire novel and I desperately wanted to read more such lines but I had to keep my hopes with this alone.

I was really looking forward to Aditya’s and Meera special moments but it wasn’t properly expressed. The intensity of romance was completely missing and I felt like the love between them never happened. I so wished this part could have been extended and the story didn’t end so quickly. I guess it has become a habit to read that over exaggerated romance and a simple story is very simple for a die hard romantic like me but this definitely goes with the theme of the novel.

Captain Garcia’s reply to Meera “You have to give love a chance”….reveals the undertones of Simple Plane Love. We are either running away from love or shutting it out completely but love is as unpredictable as life. All one needs to do is just go for it and let things work on its own. What I understood was that there is nothing called a perfect love story, the reality is the coming together of two imperfect people in love.

Since I cannot get enough of a love story, in fact no one can, I wish that Priyanka writes an exciting version of simple love in the future with high dosage of romance, I will be most excited to read it. This novel gives you a good feeling on a lazy rainy Sunday and makes it sweeter like it did mine.

Title: Simple Plane Love
Publisher/ Imprint
Pages: 186
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 3.50 of 5
Reviewed for: Publisher

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