Book Review: The BNO

these questions weave the story of The BNOBlurb, they say, is the window of the book. It helps a reader decide whether he wants to spend that money and go ahead and read. Many a times I have had this complaint that authors do not give appropriate justice to the blurb. But this blurb is apt and pertinent and evokes the exact excitement to read such a narrative.

8 men and 2 girls have a night out in Pune. They are normal people who have travelled, keeping their individual baggages behind, and are looking at having some fun. Every person’s story weaves around this night out. How does this night out affect everyone? Is it for the better or the worse? The answers to these questions weave the story of The BNO.

First of all,the author should be applauded for picking such a topic and writing so courageously on it. It feels as though he had no inhibitions and drafted the book just as he had perceived it in his head. At the start of every chapter the author has mentioned a few thoughts in the form of conversations. I just loved reading them. You can actually sit and ponder over them. The author has not mentioned the night out as a separate chapter. It is the preparations towards it, then the night out then the after effects.

From the first chapter, what happens on the night out is described. Every chapter is a perspective from the person who was present at the Night out or the spouse of the person. It is a delight to read about that night from a different perspective every time. It doesn’t feel repetitive at all. Instead of the excitement dying out,since one knows exactly what happened from the first chapter, the author is successful in building it when each chapter ends and new chapter begins. The author has not at all shyed from talking about explicit topics and I loved that. It is not mentioned who has designed the cover page, but a special shout out to them!! The true essence of the storyline has been captured brilliantly.

Inspite of all these things there are few minor glitches for which the book misses out on the 4+ star rating. In the entire narrative the author has written a few things that he has mentioned in brackets, while sometimes it provides the information needed at that point of time, most of the times it puts a break on the narrative and ends up being a mere distraction. It spoils the flow of an otherwise fast paced tale. Also there are a few grammatical errors which are an absolute no-no.

Overall, The BNO should be read for the sheer courage of Manoj Jain to write without any reluctance. The sheer brilliance to write without making the reader feel vulgar. A quality very few authors possess.

Title: The Bno: Sex,Life and Hookah
Authors: Manoj Jain
Publisher/ Imprint: Notion Press
Pages: 125
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 3.75 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Publisher

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