Book Review: My Father Is a Hero

My Father is A Hero and the overall premise behind it

My Father is A Hero and the overall premise behind it, is one I will never fail to be impressed by. No matter how many men she comes across in various capacities and various relationships in her life, a father is always a daughter’s first hero. So the title is not all that surprising. The blurb attracted me in the simplicity and I would say influenced me in picking up the book to read.

Vaibhav Kulkarni is a single parent, borne of a middle class family and has fallen into the rut called making a living so much that his dreams and aspirations have been forgotten. In short, he was not a man who lived life. Rather, life happened to him. This automatically made him a relatable, memorable protagonist because he is the representation of the next door guy we come across every day.

His daughter Nisha is everything you would expect a ten year old to be, and the pride and joy of his life. Her exemplary traits make Nisha a daughter many would wish for and she becomes the endearing protagonist number two.

The tale focuses on these two people, and those who either have a daughter or have been a daughter would be able to understand the underlying current that runs between a father and a daughter. The struggles the father encounters and how his daughter reacts to it, and the way he comes to peace with the fact that his life is not his daughter’s life and his wishes cannot be hers have been written extremely well.

The book is not racy, it does not involve thrilling, shocking murders and mind boggling mysteries. But it is a tale that will make your heart warmer by the myriad emotions it casually brings out. Every parent has a dream for their child, most often one that is a reflection of what they themselves could not achieve. But every child is an individual human with their own specific aspirations that may not always match with those of their parents.

My Father is A Hero is a tale that clearly talks about this divide, highlighting the differences and managing to show that kids are not necessarily wrong because they are not experienced. The tale is not clichéd and manages to touch a raw nerve. If you have ever been in at least one of the situations mentioned in the blurb, you will relate with every word and feel like you have read a few pages from someone’s life.

The language is simple and straightforward. A few errors slipped under the radar, going unnoticed in the flow of the story. The pace is slow but the book does manage to keep the reader hooked because of the brilliance in the concept and narration. However, if you are not really in the mood for a slow paced touching story, you should probably not take this up.

The cover is brilliant in its simplicity. Be it the father carrying the small school bag of his kid, or holding her hand, it said everything in those things it hid. It is such an amazing, fitting cover for the book that talks about a father-child relationship.

A journey of laughter and tears, an adult’s journey to discover life and living. A recommended read.

Title: My Father Is a Hero
Author: Nishant Kaushik
Publisher/ Imprint:
Pages: 208
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 4.00 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Publisher

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