Book Review: My Dream Man


Author as a main protagonist has always caught my attention. Also romance is my favourite genre. This book was a combination of both and thus I did not flinch even once to pick this up.

Ajopa Ganguly is a struggling writer. Her script has got rejected many times, thus making her not wanting to write any further. She picks up other hobbies but her heart clearly lies in writing. Aniket Verma is her professor. They have developed a special friendship. This story oscillates between the past and present. Will their friendship turn into love? Will they unite foregoing their 12 year age gap? The answers to these questions forms the story of My Dream Man.

The author has written in a very autobiographical way. So as to speak, the book talks to you. The language is easy flowing. It is simple and lucid but does not take the reader’s ability for granted, which is the case with most authors these days. It s an enjoyable narrative. Although the initial chapters are a little myraid, and do not motivate you to read further but my suggestion is, Hang on!! It is pretty pleasant ahead. A couple of chapters make for a very feel good read, almost leaving a wide grin on your face. It is a very different take on the way love stories are written. Something different always intrigues me. I think it is very courageous of the author to attempt it. And she has fared pretty well!!

Despite of this, there were a few things that were a complete put off for me. As I had noted before, the initial chapters are a drag. From one topic there would be a jump to another topic and there would be no connection between anything. This style, has been mentioned by the author herself but didn’t go down too well with me. According to me it breaks continuity and your interest to read further. Also the author has done so well with a few chapters that you are amazed, but the very next chapter is preposterous. Also the 5 year itch seemed way too unbelievable for me. Another pointer which reduces the relatability quotient. The author has tried to pull of an erratic plug towards the end. According to me that was futile.

You can surely pick this up to witness the free flow of language that challenges the ideology – want to reach out to more and more Indians so the language was easy.

A miss would not be that much of a miss!!

Title : My Dream Man
Authors: Aditi Bose
Publisher/ Imprint: Authors’ Ink Publications
Pages: 207
Genre/ Sub Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 2.75 of 5.00
Reviewed for:

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