Book Review: Love, No Matter What


I normally like to read the blurb and the prologue before selecting a book as I believe some synopsis do not do justice in getting the right feel of the story. The blurb of this one highlighted a very different kind of a subject and that made me pick it up at the very first instance.

Naina and Manish are awaiting the birth of their second child. Hoping that its a boy, they are aghast when they learn that it is an intersex child. Manish and his parents refuse to accept the child- named Devi. Naina and her friend Naveen unite to give Devi a fruitful career and life. Are they successful in their attempts? Does Devi get over the fact that her family has not accepted her and tops her game or is reduced to the one dancing on the road to earn her living?  The answers to these questions form the narrative of Love, No Matter what!

I was really impressed with the titles of each chapter. They were just perfect. Not revealing too much of the story also keeping us interested in reading further. The story-line is just absolutely a delight to read. It is pacy and stimulating. The characters have been etched to perfection. Not only the main characters but also the supporting characters have been written flawlessly. It was heartwarming to read the effort put in by Naveen, Naina and Chandani in tandem. The insecurities faced by Naveen’s wife was also considered and dealt beautifully. The constant courage that Naina showed was exemplary. It clearly shows that a mother can go to any extent for her child’s happiness. The finale speech by Devi moves one to tears. They are tears of eminence.

But above all the USP of the book is the camaraderie of Naina and Naveen. It makes you yearn for such a friendship. (Though m blessed in this regard!!)  Two people absolutely compatible- Perfect understanding of each others dilemmas and a rock solid support for each other to sail through their problems. Friendships like these are rare to happen and difficult for everyone to understand (since its a guy and a girl ). Their constant support  for each other makes it a ravishing journey.

I wish the friendship between Khushi and Devi was more detailed or developed further. Also the work on the cover page could have been more interesting. It does not cover even 1% of how beautiful the story inside unfolds.

All in all this book takes you on a journey of love. Love for your child, love for your friend, love for a person belonging to your community, love to understand the choices made by your man which is not conventional. It also teaches us that hard-work and perseverance can help you achieve anything in life. I want to really congratulate Komal Ahuja, first to write on a topic as different as this and second to teach us the meaning of life in such simple yet walloping words.

A must must must read!!!

Title: Love, No Matter What!
Komal Ahuja

4.50 of 5.00
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