Book Review: The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga


To me, ‘God of Small Things‘ has always been the gold standard for the kind of book that should win a Booker. Booker winning book after book since has disappointed me sorely. The Booker Prize it seems, is more about the one eyed amongst the blind and not really the best book of the year.

That said, ‘The White Tiger is a good book in itself even though one feels the reason it won a Booker is because it showcases the slimy unspoken underbelly of India, all of us Indians are well aware of. In that sense, I think it is an important book (and perhaps that was the criterion for it winning a Booker?) in bringing about (potential) social change.

I did not enjoy ‘The White Tiger’ too much. It read like an okay-ish blog to me and a big let down compared to Roy’s “God of…”. That said, it is still readable, even though somewhat predictable.

Title: The White Tiger
Authors: Aravind Adiga
Publisher/ Imprint: Harper Collins India
Pages: 320
Genre/ Sub Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 2.75 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Personal Copy

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