Book Review: The Ribbon Trap

Book Review: The Ribbon Trap

The cover page of this particular book grabbed my eyeballs. Seeing it and without reading the synopsis (a first for me!) I had decided I want to read this one. It lets out such a strong message. Kudos to Geetali for a splendid job.

Smita and Krishnaprem are in love. They are ambitious people. Also dealing with their own complications. Smita, unknowingly falls into a cobweb of politics. Does she recover from the trap (Pun intended!)? Does she emerge out victorious or remains the victim? The answers to these questions form the story of The Ribbon Trap.

The flow of the story is immaculate. The author doesn’t reveal one bit as to what all is going to unfold. The narrative starts off as a love story but slowly crime, murder and politics come in. It is all blended so well that the book becomes a page turner. Its only when the book ends do you realize the roller coaster you have just experienced. The prologue is written flawlessly. It just sets the right mood for this book. The atrocities faced by Smita in the prison have been written impeccably. You can feel the exertion levied on her. The back and forth from the past and present is done well. Not many authors can tap this beautifully. The Epilogue is also a treat to read. It is concise but it has all the information the reader needs at the point of time.

I wish the love story was depicted with a little more detail. Krishnaprem turns out be such a strong support system for Smita , considering the love story written at the start, it gets a tad bit unbelievable. Readers read synopsis before deciding to read a book. The synopsis of this one is so short!! Also it doesn’t depict 1% excitement of how beautifully this book is written. In the middle, a lot of characters are introduced altogether which makes it a confusing read at that time. Of course everything gets clear as the story progresses. But I wish that part was edited a little better.

Inspite of all this I urge everybody to read this one. It has all genres in one and clubbed oh so beautifully!! Bravo to Shine Syamaladevi!! Will definitely look out for your future endeavours.

TitleThe Ribbon Trap
Authors: Shine Syamaladevi
Publisher/ Imprint: Lifi Publications
Pages: 271
Genre: Fiction/ Drama
Rating: 4.25 of 5
Reviewed for: Author

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