Book Launch: The Day of Coke

Kolkata: BEE Books (a Kolkata based publishing house) and STORY (predominantly a bookstore, previously called CROSSWORDS) organised a reading session on the evening of December 13, 2015 here.

Barun Chanda & Churni Ganguly

Actor-author Barun Chanda actor-director Churni Ganguly at the event. Kolkatta. 13.12.2015.

The event was of actor-author Barun Chanda who released his thriller, COKE, back in October in conversation with actor-director Churni Ganguly. After going over the basics of the storyline where the young protagonist, Pradipta’s life is thrown into turmoil when a woman asks him to check in her suitcase with his luggage, and then promptly disappears, Barun Chanda and Churni Ganguly talked about the genre of thriller.

When asked if he would turn this into a series, he said he would be writing a different story altogether to turn into a series. COKE had previously also been written in Bangla, but this is not the direct translation.

Among other things, another thing that was discussed was if COKE could be turned into a movie?Churni Ganguly observed that it is a story written in such a manner that any part of the world can be used as a backdrop for it, and not just Kolkata in the 70s.

It wasn’t a very long and elaborate book event, but it was a lot of fun. It ended with Barun Chanda reading an excerpt from COKE. It is wonderful to hear him read, and unless you hear him reading in person you will not understand what I am talking about!