10 Ways How New Moms Can Steal Reading Time

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Are you a new mom? Do you think there is no time to do all the things you loved doing?  Are you always busy with the baby and think there is no time to read? You love reading but don’t know how to steal time from the busy schedule?

Here are few tips for all you bibliophile new moms out there to take out time to read:

Decide And Buy: Make a list of all the books you want to read and try buying your favourite authors books. It’s Ok, if you don’t get time to go to a bookstore, you can order books online. There are lot of options online for buying books.

Set A Goal: Decide on a few pages or few chapters to read per day. Try reaching your target and you will be surprised that you were able to actually steal some reading time. Keep your goal setting little flexible but at the same time disciplined and you will see that you are able to reach your targets.

Take Steps Not To Feel Outdated:  Keep a running list of all the good reads and famous authors recommended by your friends on either your iPad or tab. This way it’s much easier to stay updated and you won’t lose out on a great read.

Manage Some Alone Time: Spare some time alone whenever you can. Feeding, changing diapers, putting your baby to sleep and with all the household chores, you may feel depleted of all the energy. Try reading a book when your baby takes a nap. As a mom, I know that it is not easy as that is the time when you can actually think of tons of things to do.

Go For Alternate Options: These days we have many other options available, apart from paperbacks/ hardbound, to read like E-books and audiobooks. If you are not getting enough time to pick up a paperback, try these options.

Read In Small Parts. Keeps It Flexible: There will be days when you will have more time than other days. Read more whenever you get time and it will be enough for you to get into the story. You can read the rest whenever you get time.

Bookmark: Always keep a bookmark with you. So, that you don’t waste any time finding the last chapter or page you read or reread any chapter. Some of you may not be fans of bookmarking but now that vertical piece of card sheet is not an option but a necessity because you may end at reading at many unconventional places and not necessarily at your table.

Take A Break: Taking a break every now and then is important for new moms. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Hire a maid or nanny if you don’t have much help at home or you are far away from extended family. Let others take care of some chores as you also need a break. Utilise your break time to read and relax.

Do Not Feel Guilty: Reading time, alone time, relaxing time is important for you. This is not a thing to be guilty about. As they say, “Happy moms raise happy kids.” So, just chill and enjoy your Me time.

No Parenting Manuals Please: If you get some free time to read, try reading a magazine or book. You will anyways get enough time to read parenting manuals.

You do everything. You manage the house, you cook, you change diapers, you clean, you feed the baby and what not! If I ask any mom when she last took time for herself, and she’ll very likely say “Time for myself? What’s that?

Reading is actually a stress reliever. Try it and you will see the difference. 🙂

Article Contributed by: Deepa Gandhi

DeepaDeepa is a Post graduate in Foods and Nutrition, who also went on to complete her M.Phil. A freelance dietitian, she loves dancing and writing. She strongly believes in the adage, “Make your passion your profession and you will never regret”.

Dietician by education, Blogger by passion, a mommy of two girls, she shares all her experiences through her creative eyes as blogger at http://kreativemommy.com.

Follow her on her blog to read about her thoughts and ideas on everything about life. It is a one place solution for all your queries related to nutrition, travelling, parenting, and everything life.

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