Book Review: Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

We all think everyday, every hour, every minute about things that this universe has created, about our existence and belifs. The questions never have proper answers. A poet on the other hand has a mind that’s a never ending questionnaire, that gives the million minds the answers they seek. Poetry is really different than prose; it has depth and brevity in it. Not many can understand it. Not trying to put forth my credentials but I have read and enjoyed poetry before I picked up Thousand Unspoken Thoughts by Prerna Khatri to review it.

Frankly as a reader I would get intimidated to read poems for it demands a clearer thought and sharper perception but as a poet I knew what it had in store for me. I was delighted, in fact excited, to see what was behind the cover page of the book.

“Yes, silence does that

It helps you think”

I wanted to know what changes it could bring in my perception of things. There are troubles in this world that can never end which results from misinterpreted thoughts. The pen has the power to change that and that is what poetry does.

I began reading The Other Side, this was a narrative or prosaic poem which explained the made up image of a woman whose real self life is on the other side of the mirror, the reality being reversed here.


Breathe in, let it out slowly,

You’ll find your ‘God’”

The imageries I found were quite unique as I read further; the imageries and thought process was changing now which showed that the poet was progressing. The simple poetic approach was now getting deeper, she was writing relevant and hard hitting things.

Some poems were spoken word which sort of gave directions on surviving life

Specially the Edge of Life, Can I live Death, In the Middle of the NightCarry Me Home – brought out the poet in her. It is matured. It is polished. And it hits you hard enough to think. And re-think.

Some of her poems are brief and beautiful.

“In the rising and falling of waves,

In the waxing and waning of the moon ……………………………

Realisation struck, nothing is constant”

Which is so true, life isn’t constant, it changes as it is a journey clearing reflecting the poets journey from adolescence to a strong receptor of situations.

“Live rather than merely exist…”

“…In the battle of speech,

And Silence,

A soul is often slayed”

“ Passion like love

Must never be silenced

Throughout what I read, in most of her verses about the search of the soul, I realized then that most poets cling to their souls which like a protagonist lights their way. I could really identify with some poems, it spoke about the universal thought process, it is like all creative minds are connected by some divine law to think or search for the same questions.

A special brownie to the publisher Leadstart Publishers by considering to bringing out books on verse is indeed commendable. Prerna deals with social and soulful issues through her poems too.

Tonight, I’ll Write is a poet’s piece of self expression. Time is another piece which taps in the unconscious voicing out the unconscious through My Voice. It is like a pattern that connects one thought to the other. Her love poems though need a little more time to evolve properly.

“Am I the blot,

In the picturesque canvas?


Is there just a thorn in my thought?”

This explains it all. Poetry really has survived the modern age and it is immensely satisfying to see young poets being published and read too. This book of verse is beautiful and speaks to you. When you have long nights of confusions, this could be your answer.

Sometimes in life, something really nudges you from your deep mechanical sleep, it is important to indentify it and wake up. Be inspired and inspire others. The best way to feel being alive again is reading a very well written book.

And this is one 🙂

Title: Thousand Unspoken Thoughts
Author: Prerna Khatri
PublisherLeadstart Publishing
Pages: 98
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 3.50 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Publisher

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