Book Review: Do and Die


I read this book after I came to know the movie version wasn’t really an accurate adaptation of the actual history of the Chittagong uprising. Being a history buff, I really wanted to know what actually happened in Chittagong.

Chatterjee does justice to the subject and keeps you hooked even though you know the fate of the uprising already (from the movie and the one line you read about it in history books). After I read the book, I was sort of pissed off at our education system for passing off such an important and more importantly, almost successful revolution as a one liner in our NCERT books. The emphasis on Gandhi and Nehru in India’s high school history can only be corrected by books like this. 

Chatterjee is forensic, meticulous and produces a book that is an extremely entertaining read. An important book.

Title: Do and Die
Authors: Manini Chatterjee
Publisher/ Imprint: Picador India
Genre/ Sub Genre: Non0Fiction/ History
Rating: 4.00 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Personal Copy

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