Book Review: I Keep falling In Love With Her Again and Again

Keep Falling Love Book Review

You know, when it works, love is pretty amazing. It’s not overrated. There’s a reason for all those songs. – Sarah Dessen        

Love is the most interesting topic. To discuss, To feel. It is almost always a favorite genre to read. And stand alone, these novels take you into a dream world, or make you feel emotions that, you, then want to feel in real life too. It gives you a picture of your ideal partner who you want to be with.

I Keep Falling In Love With Her Again and Again is an example of such a love story between Rivaz and Janvee. Their love culminates into an everlasting love but still does the author manage to create some frenzy in reading all the 250 pages? For this you will have to pick this book up and read it!!

The language and the flow of the story is very lucid. You know there is a love story in place but still the introduction of the characters and the way the story builds up, has been written well. The plot is interesting. The characters are etched very strongly. Each and every character is important for the story to move forward. The unexpected twist that comes in between takes the novel up by a few notches.

Inspite of all this I was disappointed with the climax. It seemed too dramatic for my liking. Also I am not happy with the cover page. It doesn’t highlight the story or give a sneak peek into the story at all. It doesn’t even suit the storyline.

You can definitely read this one if you are interested in a mushy read. But if you miss this one there are a lot of other options in this genre as well.

Title: I Keep Falling In Love With Her Again and Again
Author: Mayuri Debnath
Publisher/ Imprint: Notion Press
Pages: 256
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 3.00 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Author

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