Book Review: This Love That Feels Right

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Love makes your world go round. We have all had our own share of ups and downs when in love. You cry and laugh, when in love, but we all want to experience it. I love the feeling of being in love and being loved, and that is why I love to read this genre too. Nothing can beat a cosy afternoon tucked inside your duvet with a book that spells Love. I have read Ravinder Singh‘s work before. His books are easy to read and generally get done in a single sitting. Keeping this in mind I was excited to read This Love That Feels Right.

Naina Singhania is married to Siddharth Singhania – A husband who doesn’t have time for his wife. She joins a gym. Thus begins her journey of self realisation. A journey which shakes her beliefs and values at the core. Does this overpower her marriage? Is she able to actualise the realisation that she has got or they just remain in her head? For answers to these questions you will have to read This Love That Feels Right.

The author starts with a very strong prologue. It is an honest confession from Naina. This sets a very exciting tone for the novel ahead. And the initial few chapters live upto these expectations. It is a delight to read them. The forte of this book is that the characters are developed very strongly. The almost dormant characters of Naina’s mother-in-law and father-in-law and her own parents, also have a healthy part to play. All characters do their job well. Its very rare that a narrative that has strong characters doesn’t fare well. The unusual part of this novel is that I fell in love with a supporting character – Manvika Thakral. The free spirited, a bit controversial character that has been etched in the name of Manvika is a winner. Not everyone might agree with me, but then that is love. The thoughts that the author voices with her as the mouth piece are thought provoking. Not necessary that everyone will agree but it definitely starts churning different things in your head. The finale chapters and the epilogue just takes your heart away. Almost all questions, one has in their head are voiced by Naina and a very fresh approach has been given to it with this fire cracker named Manvika. I am so glad I had the kindle version of this one as I could highlight some portions so swiftly.

My only complaint with this one are the middle chapters. They lose the pace, and that is where the book misses that chance of being an excellent and recommended read. The author has done a commendable job in opting to write on such a topic but I wish he would have got a little bolder and would have given it a different climax. Well there is a scope of a Part 2, and if the author, ever wishes to write it I will be very intrigued to read it.

Title: This Love That Feels Right
Author: Ravinder Singh
Publisher/ ImprintPenguin India
Pages: 236
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 3.50 of 5.00
Reviewed for: TTP Book of the Month – September 2016

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