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Varsha Dixit is back with Sneha, Nandini, Aditya, Nikhil, Gayatri and a new character Viraj. While the first book in the Right Wrong series was Nandini and Aditya’s story, the second one was about Sneha and Nikhil, the third book – Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right brings to the readers the story of diva and vamp from the first two books – Gayatri & Viraj. Though this time around the author has given the vamp quite a makeover.

Dixit has turned the vamp of the first two books in the series into the protagonist in this book. In a closure of sorts she rationalises why Gayatri was the way she was and why she has turned into this adorable heroine of the story we are about to read. And it makes sense. Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right takes us to Mumbai where the entire story will be played out with the entire cast.

Gayatri as we know from the prequels is the rich, spoilt Diva. Fashion conscious and daddy’s credit card dependent. The author rights the wrong; she takes us into the mind of the ex-vamp and we find a woman struggling to move out of the firm clutches of her father. A woman determined to find her own identity and live her dreams. Nikhil, Gayatri’s foster brother helps her find an administrative position in a project where he, Aditya – Gayatri’s ex-fiancé and Nandini’s present husband and her father have invested heavily. Her job though arranged by the investors depends hugely on the approval and acceptance of Viraj, the chief scientist on the project or as they call him – the mad scientist. He is a genius, fitness freak, drop dead hunk in an unconventional manner and hates administrators especially fashion conscious ones. And he comes with a past.

Dixit pits her protagonists into a battle of wits and situations charged with passion and conflicts. While Viraj is only the means to keep her job for Gayatri, Viraj looks at Gayatri as someone who can help him fulfil some of his motives. Also proving efficient catalysts are the support cast of Nikhil, Sneha, Nandini and Aditya. Strained relationships especially between the three women are explored to form the inter-weaving strings in the story.

Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right is at the core the story of Gayatri and Viraj. Is passion kindled, do fireworks fly between the two wrongs and do they have a happily ever after is what the book is headed towards at the climax. Expect no literary excellence but Dixit picks up from where she left in Wrong Means Right End. Written in a style and language that an average Indian english reader will understand and enjoy, Dixit nails it. While this is essentially a love story, the author divulges into that space into the protagonist’s minds where they are coming from and knowing them up close helps connect. Helps understand the wrong and they seem right.

Viraj is the new character in the series and has been etched out beautifully. He is strong, sexy and adorable while at the same time he is quirky, irritating and unapproachable. There is a certain charm about dark men; men who won’t open up fully, who will keep a part of them, with themselves, tucked away somewhere. Viraj is your quint essential sexy Indian man and you do want him to fall for the heroine and not a side character. Gayatri’s makeover, for readers who have read the first two books, comes as a shock and indigestible initially. Though over time with insights into her thought process, her good side grows on you but she only becomes convincing towards the ending chapters.

A book I enjoyed reading and recommended if you are looking for a breezy romantic read this weekend. Can be read as a standalone book, though reading the first two books helps the understanding the equations of the supporting characters better.

Title: Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right
Author: Varsha Dixit
Publisher/ Imprint: Rupa Publications
Pages: 275
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 3.75 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Publisher

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