Book Review: No Safe Zone

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No Safe Zone is Adite Banerjee‘s 3rd fiction and this time she dares to steps out of her comfort zone. Her earlier two books – Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal & Trouble Has a New Name were pure contemporary romances but this one is romance with a twist and I am sure Banerjee had a blast plotting this one. With this book the author steps into the genre of Suspense Romance and does a real good job with it.

No Safe Zone features two strong protagonists – Qiara Rana & Kabir Shorey – good in their jobs, tough minded, strong willed yet emotionally vulnerable with each other and with a past neither wants to visit. Not to mention the common past that they once shared. In an attempt to clear the name of the NGO, that she works for, from the charges of financial fraud and to trace a missing school girl that her NGO was involved with, Qiara steps back into Delhi after 10 years and as destiny would have it she runs into Kabir the very first day. Coincidently, IB officer Kabir happens to be the investigating officer of the same International financial fraud case!

But instead of taking her for questioning, he finds himself being the saviour in shining armour every time she is in trouble. Which is often! Both Qiara and Kabir are fighting to keep their feelings at bay and their hands off each other, but the constant dangers that she keeps running into and the number of times he steps in as an armour aren’t doing any good for their will to let past remain in the past. Add to the mix royal scions hiding secrets, a non-cooperative colleague, suspicious looking men following Qiara everywhere she goes and uncovering the meaning of a tattoo she has always had.

Banerjee has fleshed out strong and loveable protagonists. Both Qiara and Kabir are endearing and their exploits keep you hooked. While Kabir is smoking hot and a prodigy at his job, Qiara is conflicted and courageous. The supporting characters are developed well to fit into the story, too. Banerjee not just has a strong and worthy plot but makes sure that you don’t put the book down with well placed twists. The narration moves at a good pace and the writing is tight with excitement in the love scenes and thrill in the action ones.

No Safe Zone is a decent read for a weekend. Racy, thrilling with the right dose of romance and suspense sprinkled all over.

Title: No Safe Zone
Author: Adite Banerjee
Publisher/ Imprint: HarperCollins India/ Harlequin India
Pages: 176
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 3.75 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Author

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