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What we know of history is only what the archeologists have so far dug out and a story that historians have written. What is there is a story different from what the historians have written? Because the archeologists haven’t found something so far, does not mean it never existed! This is the thrill of historical fiction. A well researched and convincingly written historical fiction can make the reader question history, as they know it.

The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher C. Doyle opens with best friends cum co-entrepreneurs Vijay Singh and Colin at Jaungarh Fort, some 130 kms from New Delhi. The reason of their air dash from San Jośe, California? Vikram Singh, Vijay’s Uncle – his only surviving family member’s, brutal murder. Vijay inherit’s the fort on his uncle’s sudden demise and also a truck load of questions. Why was Jaungarh Fort, which was his uncle’s residence after his retirement so heavily guarded? What did a retired nuclear scientist fear so much that he had such high level security at his retirement home? Why did Vikram Singh send 5 consecutive philosophical emails, to Vijay, seconds before his death? Were they cryptic messages? Did Vikram want Vijay to decode them? Who hacked into the fort’s security system to kill Vikram and most importantly, Why? Why has the former Maharaja of Rajvirgarh funded the India visit and study of an archeologist from Boston University with special interest in the ancient Magadha Empire? And why where Vijay and Colin attacked with bullets on their way to the fort?

The Mahabharata Secret takes Vijay, Colin, Vikram’s Family friend Prof. Shukla and his daughter, Radha on a clues decoding adventure across India. They have to stay ahead of whoever is trying to beat them to reach what they seek while trying to save their lives because the ones chasing them want to reach whatever Vikram Singh was guarding, desperately. Lives don’t matter to them in this quest. While the biggest challenge facing Vijay and his friends is first they don’t know what they are looking for and secondly they don’t know who is chasing them. With a faceless enemy and a clueless destination, the protagonists in this tale have to survive, come what may.

The book is an unstoppable ride!

Doyle has researched well and blended his plot so well into the already established historical facts and locations that the efforts seem effortless. The story is well plotted and is convincing to the core. To a normal reader (not a history expert), the book also comes with much interesting facts and makes the read a ride worth its time. Doyle holds the plot consistently, without slowing down or rushing it, which races the reader to the climax without even realizing it.

Not a hugely promoted book but why is the question?

I found this book’s second part as a cheap monthly Kindle deal and I decided to buy the first part to enjoy the second one. A worthwhile decision I would say. The Mahabharata Secret has got me hooked and I am plunging into the second book – The Mahabharata Quest, real soon.

The cover art is a real attention clincher. Gorgeously done.

Historical fiction fans, definitely recommended.

Title: The Mahabharata Secret
Author: Christopher C. Doyle
Publisher/ ImprintOm Books International
Pages: 386
Genre/ Sub-Genre: Fiction/ Historical
Rating: 4.25 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Personal Copy

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